Friday, October 2, 2009

YGP: Part VII J.O Fresh aka Daddy Fresh

Jordan Lance Holmes Jr, Born August 22 2009 1:14 Pm

DOG, Me and YOU are not the SAME!

I hate when someone who knows absolutely nothing about you comes in with a pre-notion of how you are and are SUPPOSED to act.Where the hell do you know me from? WHERE? Take the time to get to know someone Feel their pain, struggle, story sacarifice whatever the case may be, You can always relate to someone a million times over if you shut the hell up an feel them out before you go judging.

Already Home

No matter how crazy the world may seem or crazy life may get it seems like Home is always that one place that can comfort you and take away all of your worries so what do you do when Home is no longer the home you once had and have grown accustomed to loving and feeling protection in?

1.Cum 2.Inital Entrance 3. Sex (Sampler)

Before I share my thoughts, Discuss the title and what you think it means?....