Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cuffin: Pt 2

In December of 2008 I wrote a epic blog which shocked the blog world or at least I thought it did, Blog titled "Cuffin". In said blog I spoke about the issues in which a person would cuff a particular female from the winter months and then drop her in the spring/summer. Now as most of you noticed it's spring time and those valentine day roses have long died and those cards have fell from mirrors to the floor behind dressers, friday night cuddle sessions are a thing of the past, cute saturday dinner and movie dates have been erased for weeks now and those "Anti-Men" away messages are popping up left and right, But why you ask? Because Cuffing season is officially over and dudes are back in rare form chasing anything with a french manicure and spandex. Oh but please don't get it misconscrewed woman are just as guilty as their men counterparts. Trying to call your lady and it's going straight to voicemail or when you question her about her whereabouts and she say she was with keisha and nem', At 3 in the Morning tho????

Answer for cuffin'? Not in a million years Just be very cautious about whether or not your getting played.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness: Relationship edition

In the begining there was the female edition, followed closely by the male edition.

"Girl, well you know we've been dating for 8 years, you've been there through almost everything in my life and I want to make you my wife. Will you Marry me?"

Now I'm sure these are words every woman at some point in their life would love to hear, but how does one make it to marriage? Yes dating and sharing a boyfriend/girlfriend titles are good starts, but what initially makes a man want to throw away his little black book and come home to the same woman every night?

When two people decide to get into a relationship its because they have a great amount of feelings for each other and would like to pursue those feelings into something more prosperous. A long the way those feelings may prosper or decrease due to a number of factors. When you first meet someone you meet their Representative and not the true them. The representative shows up and lures the person in to the point where they are blinded by the true individual. But like anything in life the truth always comes to the light leaving the partner to decide if they want to stay or go. However what if before you got into a relationship you had a checklist to review sort of like going grocery shopping. YUP! thats right I will provide you with that list so when you go shopping your able to pick out the fresh from the ripe.

Intelligence - Now, I'm sure we're all vivid watchers of for the love of Ray J, Flava of love and every other crappy Vh1 reality tv show, hell we're all bloggers it somewhere in the guidelines to like each of those shows. Well if watching the show you go he/she cant be smarter than the grapes or banana shes eatting. We all want to appear to be somewhat smarter than we really are thats why we use bigger words than normal or watch the discovery channel to gain to that knowledge so we can talk about something other than New Yorks boob job or why flava wears that viking hat.

Finance -
I'm sure the corner store hero's are an excellent choice for a late night snack or ray's pizza shack might have the best slices in the city but when courting a young lady is this really the place you want to take her to start off a relationship. Now I know the guys are think "J.O what if shes a gold digger?" chances ar if she's a G.D once u pull up to either spot she will spazz on you and bounce. I know most of us arent jayz or 50 status but atleast be better than ODB status.

L.O.C- Lines of Communication.
The leading cause of Break ups is communication. Communicating is more than just speaking, the art of listening is almost lost in todays society. Today everybody wants to be heard and doenst want to listen. Many of divorces and child support cases could've just been avoided if the lines were open more and people took the time to understand where each other was coming from.

Apperance -
We all have that bad hair day, Laundry day, or the the F it day, but if your having those kind of days more than 4 times a week chances are your spouse wont find you attractive and when be will in the words of TLC choosing to "Creep". No you dont have to be tyson beckford or beyonce everyday but try to realize when you went and got that fresh cut to impress shorty or when you paid selena at the domincan spot 60 cash for that wash & set you were making a statement that you cared about your appearance. Taking ME time will save any relationship.

the biggest man or woman in life is the one that can admit to his or her mistakes. I hate to see people in life go around blaming peoples for their mistakes. If your 30 still living in your moms basement she isnt the blame you are. If you went to the club and have 3 patron shots and at the end of the night kissed 5 guys and had sex with your roomates man your the blame not your roomate man. If you can take responsiblity for your actions relationship will flow alot smoother.

Men Lie woman lie, but the first time you lie break up, its over, Seriously. Relationships in order to work need an enomorous amount of trust so once you break that rule and get away with the first lie your going to keep going and going and going until you get caught. The worst part about lying is keeping up with all the lies, thats why I try my hardest to always tell the truth. My brain has so much going on so keeping up with every lie would be damn near impossible.

This checklist is proven to work, I have applied it to my love life and so far we are doing great, apply these tips while I'm giving them out for free because soon I will be charging soon.

How are you?

Co-Worker: Hey, Good Morning Jordan
Me: Whats up bro? How are you?
Co-Worker: I'm great and you?
Me:*Pause*.......(Should I tell Him I hate his guts, this place and everyone in here, how much I want to quit, but I cant because the economy is so jacked up, How him asking me how I am every morning irritates me and did I mention how much I hate this place)........Oh I'm good man thanks for asking.

That is my response every morning, when honestly I could be in the best mood ever but as soon as I walk in that door and see those faces of the people I despise the most it automatically ruins my day. Like it is even right not to asnwer I'm good when somebody ask you how are you. I've almost never heard anyone say they feel like shit and wish you would leave them alone. I was wondering am I the only one who feels this way?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fresh Jr.


I can't believe that a party invite, multiple Grey Goose/cranberries and a sexy monkey created the picture above. I keep looking at the picture hoping that it will speak to me and say "da-da". His head is huge like mine and he has big lips like me, it's just so hard to believe in October he was resting in my scrotum and no he almost here. Looking at that picture I see more than a child who has yet to be born, I see my hopes my dreams my all basically. They say the love from a parent is unconditional and I can def feel where that comes from. I'm just so amped to be a dad and cant wait to have someone to beat 1 on 1 in basketball, play video games, first beating, first day of school all that good Jazz, so with that everybody meet my boy Jordan Jr...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is America too soft? (VLOG)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is America becoming too soft?

Thoughts on America trying to sugar coat everything. From Kids sports to Television. Thoughts?

VLOG coming later.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free Spirit

One Day I was in my favorite self time spot( The Bathroom) and I exited out of BBM and went to the Memo pad on my blackberry and jotted down some random thoughts.

"In life we place too much pressure on the insignificant things that we have no control over. The wealthiest people in the world are not those who drive foreign exotic cars, multi-million dollar homes in southern California, but those who have accepted the peace within themselves. Inner peace is a common goal in which most are trying to reach although the fate may seem impossible, many have accomplished it and are on a road to healthy living" - Jordan Holmes(JDotofresh)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Young Gordon Parks : Part 3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Inshape

"You ever see somebody at the gym that is huge? It's like why are you still working out you already won" - Kevin Hart

I want to be that guy Kevin mentions in his quote. So since everybody is all into everything healthy and green, I figured I would too become a bit more conscious of my health at an earlier age. Diabetes and high blood pressure seem to run in my family, hell any family that comes from the south and eats those classic Sunday dishes should have high blood pressure. As with most kids in my age bracket I used to be a devout athlete, playing sports any chance given, however as you get older partying, girls and other interest leave little time for exercise. I think back to 2004 right before my first semester of college I had to get a physical. My doctor at the time, told me "Mr. Holmes this is the point of your life where your going to be physically active more than ever, because before you know it you will have a pot belly and taking 5 different pills for the same symptom" Now its 2009 I'm a bit chunky and not in the greatest shape. Heavy Alcohol intake not to meant the tobacco wasn't help much, Now as I approach the dawn of my child entering the world makes me want to be a bit more health conscious and take care of my body because you only get one.

I thought about many things to help me continue a healthy living, such as waking up early to jog or heading to the gym after work and cutting out ALOT of the fatty foods I consume,however with such a hectic lifestyle being always on the go How does one find the time not to eat junk food and continue to fit in a good workout into a schedule? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.