Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness : Male Edition

If you've been a faithful follower from the beginning, You walked this interesting Blog Journey with me, From the If I were a girl
Heels On , Cuffin , The break up , The Sidepiece , and the post that leads me to this one The pursuit of happiness : Female Edition. I'm not a psychiatrist or a doctor, however I feel like a seasoned veteran in the love game. I've dealt with a few woman in my day and it seems like no woman could ever understand me, Why? Because either I didn't trust her enough to let my guard downs or either I felt her intellect wasn't on my level so I dumbed it down to be with her. Realistically although Most dudes won't agree with me, We are more complicated to understand than woman. As men we deal with a lot on our plates not saying that woman don't, however I feel the curve for being a man is much stronger than for that of a woman.

As a man from an early age you are taught to have the prettiest girl, best car, biggest house, be in the best the shape, be stronger faster,smarter, just greater and better than average. The pursuit of all those perfections, can take a toll on dudes where we even experience mood swings, not to the extent of a woman, however the pressures of being perfect mixed in with a woman nagging and applying pressure to a situation which didn't need more pressure. In life we all want to be HAPPY. What is happiness though? Is it being that Imperfect Perfection society's need you to be , the dude with the biggest Johnson or fattest wallet? I strive to be happy everyday, not with who society's wants me to be, because honestly society doesn't want to see me succeed, they want me to stand on the corner, with my pants down , and become another statistic in an overpopulated Jail System. That's a different topic though for another day, What is the happiness that Woman from a man? I think no woman can answer that because if asked that question, the answers would contradict themselves and be many different answers.

However as a male I'll tell you what we need to be happy and woman can take it from there and run with it and see what they can muster up to apply to their situation and help their relationship ultimately.

WOMAN - No matter How much we Can't stand y'all or vice verse, No man wants to be alone, that's why we take the abuse and arguments that a woman can bring to you. A woman is like an essential to a man liefs without a woman a man would have no purpose, woman are the reason, we maintain our appearance, drives fancy cars, Expensive garments even Watch Mushy movies. If woman weren't around every dude would walk around in old musty sweats and dusty sneakers because there would be no reason to have new clean ones.

MONEY - Money to a man is like a cock swinging contest, the dudes who have the biggest one would prob be at the front of line like judge me, it's almost identical to people with money, ever wonder why you see so much 50 and Jayz on TV?. Money is important to every man because that's the reasons we grind hard everyday at jobs, to earn money to buy nice cars, nice clothes, which ultimately leads right back to a woman.

SPORTS - Sports have been around since Maximus, Juba to present day Lebron and Kobe, So if you feel that you are going to deny a man his chance to watch his sports you either are on the same coke as wine house and Whitney or are in denial like Rick Ross. I would highly suggest you get a Sports for dummies book and get a seat on the couch because August - June are very important months in the Sports Roster.

FRIENDS - A man's homeboys whether good or bad aren't going anywhere so you need to accept that. No matter How much you think James is a dog and that Terrell is up to no good, those are his boys who were there before for you and likely to be there after you leave. I would tell every woman to not judge her man's friends because although you feel a certain way about their activities you are not dating them and if that's your man's friends he's obviously friends with them for a good reason, So trust his judgement.

SPACE - I know you can't live without your boo-boo but everybody needs space. Everyman needs time with his boys or time for himself to gather thoughts or even just take a deep breath, I sure as hell do from time to time. The best thing is to allow someone to miss you, how can anyone miss you if you crowd them and want to be around them every living second, Just like you have those days when you don't want to be bothered we as men feel the same way.

WANTED - No more how manly your man appears to you we all want that time we when we cuddle and tell you all that good mushy stuff you ladies love to hear. Everyman wants to know that his woman wants him, a time where you put your arms around him and kiss his lips softly and let him know that you will always be there for him.

So in the end just like with most things a Man's happiness is directly related to a woman. Yes Sex, Cooking Cleaning, Present ability are all things that make us happy as well but those are the main outlines to the confusion that you woman know as man. Hope this helped and can help jump start your 2009.


Miss.Stefanie said...

I love this!!! I swear your blogs are the highlight of my day too!!

"Money to a man is like a cock swinging contest, the dudes who have the biggest one would prob be at the front of line like judge me, it's almost identical to people with money, ever woman why you see so much 50 and Jayz on TV?."

If theres one thing I never touch is a mans money!!!

"- A man's homeboys whether good or bad aren't going anywhere so you need to accept that. ">

If he doesnt have friends to hang with--Id be worried...

I just love this blog!!!

100K said...

Cosign all points. Ladies take notes

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Nice blog you have here ;)

HaLF said...

Damn fam, you went in. I can't argue with any of these points.

ChoColAte KiSs said...

You know i love this!!!

Why?? Because t a phrase that bothers me is MOB!!!...i hate it why??

Because the reason you want money is to impress a chick...or a few quit it!!!!...

And i love that you embraced that...Great Blog!!!

Lyrik Marie said...

I Love It .. I Think U Touched base 0n Al Curiosities && Wonders I had about the Male Brain .. lol .. Kudos x5

kmx. said...

Your blogs are bomb, all of them.
But anyway, I had a lot of questions as to why guys do what they do, or act the way they do, and this post answered a lot of questions! This will definitely help me in the future. Good looks! ;)

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

If this post was a man, he'd get his favorite meal cooked for him AND be allowed to watch all the SportsCenter he wanted to (for 24 hrs). It was that awesome.

Princess Katrina said...

Good points!

Eighty4 said...

owwww i diggs.

Assertive Wit said...

my best friend just told me ALL OF THIS the other day and said even though he might look at it differently, we both want the same things out of life so to stop going so hard on him...I will admit we tend to look at things differently because he operates mostly on how he FEELS and I operate on how I THINK (kind of "typical" role reversal there) but I get it 99.9% of the time :)

thanks for the confirmation's good to know a MAN (other than someone I'm close to) sees these things like this too.

JOFre$h said...

Stef: I can always count on you for some good input

K: Hopefully they're listening.

Fashion: Why thank you so much.

Half: I appreciate it so much.

Chocolate : Thanks so much, I appreciate the shout out on your blog as well.

Lyrik: Thanks I tried lol

KMX: Thank you so much I hope to not disappoint.

Luvie: AWWWWWWW I wish i was that man, Kinda hungry right now.

Princess: Thank you

Eighty: Glad you dug.

Assertive: Most men think alike whether we want to believe it or not.