Sunday, February 15, 2009

The bait was too tasty....

25 was much too little I decided to continue on with another 25. Maybe 50 will be end who knows I may be up to a 1000 at one point. so anyway on with the festivities.

26. I have weird eatting binges where I may eat one thing all day and be fine and then the next eat 10 medium meals and still not be full.

27. I often have conversations with myself "Yo fresh you wildin B what were you thinking", "I know son I was wilding" I usually does this for a while until I realize how foolish I may look and to other who are seeing me carry a conversation with myself

28. right after I eat I always laydown. I dont know why I do but immediately after I take a bite and drink that last drop of juice I must lay down or the food will not feel right to me.

29. I usually think everyone is lying. I mean the person could be telling the truth but I dont believe anything.

30. I think naps should be incorporated into the constitution like if you don't nap, you don't pass go and you go to jail.

31. I love being alone but I have a fear of being lonely.

32. I like to be lowkey but also crave a lot of attention

33. In highschool I was considering porn as a profession when i saw how much they make for a shoot. "I was like getting paid for sex, hell where do I sign up" my name would've been pipe master fresh

34. I often laugh at people who wear arabs scarfs

35. I'm a lazy neat freak.

36. I hate woman who wear shirts/sweats that say bootylicious, sexy, hottie, bunnie etc

37. woman who shave their eyebrows off to draw them back on, should be knee chopped.

38. I usually sleep in intervals, I wake up at 12:01 sleep to 1:00 check the time go back to sleep for x amount of hrs and repeat process I can never sleep straight through.

39. I often watch porn on cinemax for the comedy factor like WOW people actually enjoy this

40. I think my bladder may be messed up I go quite a few days without doing #2

41. As I walk down the street I pray for a kid to run up on an ask for my autograph

42. I feel like when I go out all eyes are on me, I think I'm a celeb in my mind

43. At work I often dream about shooting a few of my co-workers, Does that make me crazy?

44. I love to read, but find it boring does that make sense even?

45. I buy things that I dont really need just to say I have it

46. I bring my laptop with me to use the bathroom and spend and unhealthy amount of time on the toliet.

47. I burn a lot of energy, I watch tv, listen to music, with the lights on, and window open at the same time

48. If I can't find the remote I will watch whatever is on tv(Gossips girl is actually good money)

49. I will not watch the simpsons, Bart and Lisa are almost as old as me still in elementry school :-/

50. I dream about running away to Island with no phone, Internet and people Just by myself to clear my thoughts and not be disturbed.

I think thats all, or is it?


Sir Doe said...

Your top 50 remind me a lot of myself, almost to the point it's scary. Guess it's not a coincidence that we are drawn by some force greater than we can comprehend, to people that share the same capacity of thoughts; even 3000 miles away

100K said...


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

**40. I think my bladder may be messed up I go quite a few days without doing #2

**46. I bring my laptop with me to use the bathroom and spend and unhealthy amount of time on the toliet.

Finally someone who shares my bathroom habits!!! LMAO

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

I think 26, 31, 32, 34, 36, 37 are the Gospel. However, I wholeheartely disagree with 49. Simpsons ROCKS (well before season 12)

Miss.Fortune said...

it would take years for me to sit here and comment on each one but i agree wit alot of em cuz i do the same..lmao..though ur much more cool then

Luxe said...

28. Maybe it's the "itis
30. Hell yes!
40. You need fiber in your diet, sir. :)
43. As long as you keep dreaming it & don't make it a reality, you aren't crazy.
46. Haha, I do the same thing!
48. Isn't Gossip Girl scandalous? I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure #2 has nothing to do with your bladder. Number two is the solid kind, Man. It involves your colon. LOL.

I wish I could say I've never brought a laptop to the bathroom, but that would be a lie. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

I agree that reading is both boring and fun.

Def. agree with the girls sweatpants and eyebrows thing. Eyebrows are much more important than people realize.

chanel said...

36. I hate woman who wear shirts/sweats that say bootylicious, sexy, hottie, bunnie etc
->WORD! i never buy that shit... just not cute to me. and i'm not so full of myself.

the considering porn thing when you were in high was hilarious.

entertaining list! nice to meet you too J.O. Fre$h.

prettyinpink said...

strange fruit.

Anonymous said...

thanks for following kind sir!
oh btw; 42 you and I are kind of alike, I definitely feel like all eyes are on me, just not in a celebrity kind of state of mind.

more like, 'holy crap are they watching me sexually?' XD

ChoColAte KiSs said...

Ok so i love your blog!!!...
I've been trying to become a follower for like the last 3 days...and maybe its just the way your profile the template...
Anyway i comment rarely and few and far in between...but this 50 thing was very interesting and i really wanna know now how to follow this blog..
I'm hope its not like real easy and then i look like a complete retard..

ChoColAte KiSs said...

ok now I got it...But im sure the link wasn't there yesterday!!

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

33 (lmfao pipe master fresh haha)
& 37? your a fool! lol

Che Che said...

28. so wat do u do when you go out to eat? u cant just lay down
30. i agree. i acknowledged this fact when we started coby and a day would not go by without everyone taking a nap lol
31. i feel like that sometimes as well
36. ughhh those shirts/sweats get on my nerves. also very cheap lol
lol @ 49

JOFre$h said...

Doe : I apppreciate it man, I feel that way when I read other ppl ish as well

K: you know I am, Jo = never the norm

Figure: I thought I was the only one with the bathroom issues

Luvvie : I will never get the simpsons anymore credit, it's all about family guy.

Fortune:lol I doubt it, we prob share equal coolness.

Luxe: Gossip girl is the ish lol

Anonymous: Eyes brows are very important!!!!

CHanel : Thanks ;-)

Pretty: Very strange ;-) lol

Suprhaz: I pray for the day somebody walks up to me randomly like whats up j.o

Chocolate : Thanks you so much, I appreciate the love.

Lethal: LOL i was oh so serious in highschool

Che: You know in coby we used to nap it up heavy, sadly not much has changed, Still the nap master.

Tashur Raquel said...

wow, i can relate to most of this shit.
especially 42! mannn

y0ung_runway said...

The eyebrow one kiiillled me, I swear I used to snap a slick flick of every mexican chick I saw with those ridiculous eyebrows and put them on my myspace.

JOFre$h said...

Glad you could relate Tashur lol, Young I'm going to need pics of those eyebrows

Lyrik Marie said...

So where do I begin ..

#28 had me dying .. I think it's called 'Euphoria'..

#30 is funny as well .. You sound like a kindergartner ..

#33 Pipe Master Fresh [LMFAOOO] ..

#37 woman with bad eyebrows or penciled eyebrows are very much indeed disgusting .. My eyebrows are always sharp !! ..

#40 U might want to try this chinese herbal tee .. If you drink it everyday you'll have regular usage .. Send me a comment and I'll give you the name if you want it..

#48 might be triggered because of #28 .. might wanna get that checked ..

#49 Bart and Lisa are indeed a million years old and they are definetly in the same grade ..

You're ridiculously funny .. this post had me dying .. lol

Lyrik Marie said...

# 36 .. Victoria's Secret Pink sweats are the only exception because they are way much classier .. but that other cheap shit .. that say hottie or bootylicious is indeed corny !!!

JOFre$h said...

Thanks Lyrik I'm glad you enjoyed.