Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupid doesn't lie, but you won't know unless you give him a try....

All my single Ladies, All my single Ladies.... I wonder how many ladies will be in the club singing this on Friday drunk off Long Island Ice teas , Secretly hating their lives because they have No valentine. Valentines day is approaching and you can usually tell who has a valentine and how pretty much doesn't. At work tomorrow take notice of the ladies walking around overly excited and of the ladies dragging their feet around because they know Saturday its going to be her, the notebook and a pint of chunky monkey :-(
Honestly I can't feel bad for a woman who
doesn't have a valentine, You had all year to get your ish together so that one handsome fella would take notice to your french manicure, wash/set even the new costume earring you purchased from h&m which brings out your dimples, NO, You chose to walk around with the holier than thou attitude, bash men, and keep the goodies under code red security so now you have to appreciate singles Awareness day by yourself. With that said me and my lady will be enjoy the pleasant cuisine of a one La Cheesecake Factoree, super fine dining and buffing up on our cultural touch with Friday the 13Th, WHY? because she did all of the necessary to be regarded as my valentine.

On the
flip side Valentines day is another sham to bash woman's insecurities and make us guys shell out more money and crap on stuff that most woman wont even look at come February 16. If you wait to valentines day to show love to your woman, she should leave you. [Insert cheesy line] Everyday should be like valentines day to your woman [Insert cheesy line]. So if your valentine less don't feel to bad its only one day and tomorrow every dogish thing that most men do will resume.So if your a side chick don't feel to bad Side chick day is February 15, so all that ladies that didn't get to be with that special someone on the 14th will have their chance. So with that said I hope everyone enjoys their Russel stovers candy and big brown teddy bear holding a heart saying I love you, Wait is it that predictable?


Miss.Stefanie said...

Hahaha I love this!in

Danny Love said...

Lol, YOU TELL em'.
This was soo real.

I hope you and ya lady have a good time.

Pro's Hood said...

Lmaoooooooooo *waves my robotic hand and pops my ass in my black leotard* you know you dead ass wrong for this lmaoooooooo but entertaining to say the least.

100K said...

True story, I dont even care about V-Day. the shit is a scam to me. As someone with marketing knowledge, I know a hustle when i see one and V-Day is one of the biggest of them all. Look @ the types of commercials they air around this time of year.

with that said, one of my prospects might do something or i might just go clubbing with the gang.

JOFre$h said...

Stef: Thanks Babes

Danny: Thank you, I hope we have a good time as well.

Hood: I know, I'm terrible Glad you enjoyed though lol

k: you already know boy.

She's Gotta Have It said...
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She's Gotta Have It said...

Very funny and thank you for keeping it real. I've kept my thoughts about this day to myself as to avoid stirring up emotions from those sensitive about the day because they don't have a Valentine. Let's face it, if you had one you wouldn't be complaining and all would be right in the world.

Of course V-Day is a sham/scam, but what holiday isn't. Like you said, it's only one day and once it passes, life will go on.

CANNED extravagance said...

I TOTALLY love this post.
i mean it's ABSOLUTELY & delightfully BASHING IN ITSELF.
it's funny. vday is the day of bitterness mixed in with insecurity and HATING.
oh yeah, not to mention CHEESECAKE FACTORY. i'm more of a cookies & cream girl lol (at the ice cream comment).

allison veronica said...

you right! i can't even say anything cuz i'm only hatin cuz single. whatevs. maybe next year.

JOFre$h said...

She: You are so right

Canned: Thanks lol Cookies n cream does rock

allison: Next yr is right around the corner dont worry.