Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Am I smoking wrong?

In wake of all the super bowl excitement, you can always find it in the good hearts of the rich folks at ABC/ESPN to take any oppurtunity to blow a story out of proportion. So as I'm waking up, I hear Micheal Phelps caught smoking from bong coming up next, to my dismay I was extremely disappointed, I quickly came to reality realizing that no matter how glorious and glorified an athelete is in their playing field they are still human, so you can expect to them make "mistakes". However with all the fame and fortune is that 30min to 2 hour high worth risking it all? Endersoments, Millions of fans, First class ass kissing all day to being nationally ridiculed on every radio station to even low budget public access stations.

In this day an age Marijuna seems to be the acceptable drug of teeny boppers, musicians, modern day hippies, corporate execs basically everyone. Now in elementary school we were forced to watch the ever popular D.A.R.E series and even saturday mornings while getting my fix of Cartoons, the commercial would show the this is your brain on drugs commercial, So with all that programming I deemed drugs as something I would never want to try. Fast forward to College, DRUGS are like second nature, it's like go to class, come back study and get high.

I remember my first time "puffin the magic dragon" like it was my first day of school outfit, this dominican kid who lived on my floor invited me to smoke a "L" so I was like why not, so we head to the back door of the building and he was like" you ever smoked haze before?" and I responded "I have virigin lungs my dude". So we smoked and I handled it pretty well , so after I closed the back door and walked back to my room it was all down hill from there. I started tripping out, seeing 8 walls, laughing, feeling sad, I ate about eight bags of peanut m&m's and tried to take a nap, the nap lasted all of 60 seconds, I then ran to the bathroom to wash my face figuring that might help, not at all. I figured let me try to enjoy this so I put on "high music", songs about to getting high which did nothing for me, so I came to the conclusion it was a wrap for me so I called monkey bear to get my will ready, I told her that she could have my car and to give all my clothes and jewelry to my little cousin, needless to say I survived but that experience might be THE WORST.

Now like any typical teen I tried it a few more times to see if I would like it, this time I waited until I was drunk and took two pulls but still its not for me. I know everybody responds differently to drugs and everything but honestly weed is definitely wack, I rather drink any day of the week before being "high".

I can't fanthom what the allure is to smoking weed but I came to the conclusion I might be smoking it wrong or maybe I'm different from a reggae artist, michael Phelps or any other person who loves the drug....

With that said I will stick to getting high off life and drinking my wavy juice.


Miss.Stefanie said...

I think smoking weed is senseless and a waste of money. Ive tried it, once...never did it again.

Miss.Fortune said...

i will never understand

Lique said...

Ok!NOw we all have the opinions of those who don't like it.I on the other hand am a weed smoker.Not anymore because i live on base,its not something i need everyday or any of that.But its something i did often and enjoyed.

I first tried smoking in 9th grade,when you dont know the feeling of being "high" you dont know what to expect.My 1st time was an interesting experience and i didn't think i wanted to smoke again.I later tried again in my sophmore year,different story.

I went from being an occassional smoker to wanting to burn whenever it was around.But i dont buy it.For me,i like the feeling i recieve and the escape that is associated with it.I dont condone smoking your life away on the other hand.It is a mind thing,you are fullyl in control of your body and actions.Its not for all those who have tried it as you know but for those who do its nice.=]

As far as Michael Phelps goes,higher authorites are always trying to take away someones hard earned achievements.Just like Ali,just because he was a muslim they wanted to take away his achievements.His religion had nothing to do with boxing,nor did his going to war.Phelps smoking has nothing to do with swimming.Apparently his lungs are fine if he can swim at the rate he does.

ChoColAte KiSs said...

Never tried weed or any other drugs ( never interested me)...Can't relate or not relate...But i do love me so alchohol 1ce in a while.

prettyinpink said...

i favor weed over alcohol.
depending on the situation.
i hate feeling like there is a puddle of vomit at the base of my throat when i drink too much.
though i like acting all wild skanky when sauced.
but with weed for me it mellows and soothes the soul.
if only it weren't illegal and it didnt prevent me from getting a job.

Kofi Bofah said...

Truth be Told - I have never smoked.

I would be the one odd ball in the room sober - with everybody falling out all around me.

This was an excellent post. Here are my snap judgements:

1: Celebrities make a virtual deal with the Devil to have every detail or their life exposed. Phelps should not have been smoking weed.

2: Phelps is acknowledged as the All-American glamour boy.

3: If Allen Iverson - the exact opposite of Phelps (in the eyes of the media) were caught smoking - would he have lost his endorsements? (Phelps has not lost any endorsements)

4: Certain drugs are becoming more acceptable in our culture. Bill Clinton did not inhale and Obama admitted to snorting coke. Rappers glamorize e-pills and designer drugs. However, heroin and crack users are blacklisted.

Your thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...


JOFre$h said...

Stef: I agree so much

Fortune: Agreed

Lique: Thanks for your input I myself could never tolerate it and often make we wonder how people could enjoy something that made me feel so yucky

Chocolate: Thats good you should keep it that way

PIP: If you had some wavy juice I think you would change your opinion on the smoking ;-)

Kofi: Thanks for the great input as usual. Definitely surprised that you've never tried drugs at least once in your college career but im def proud of you bro, shows there are some people who " Live above the influence".

1. Celebs definitely give up all rights to privacy once they become stars. Fair? No not at all. However its the life they choose when chasing the glitz and glam.

2. Phelps is definitely an PURE BRED ALL AMERICAN BOY, Clean cut, Well spoken, WHITE MALE, Superstar athlete, he's definitely walking on water.

3. Had it been any other athlete caught not even just to single out Allen, any superstar hell the 13th man on the bench they would've been calling for a lynching.

4. Weed is definitely an "acceptable" drug, sort of how cocaine was amongst the the yuppies, socialist in the 70's early 80's before crack hit. No drug should be acceptable a drug is a drug for a reason. Am I here to argue if weed should be legalized, No. But until a law is passed and it said deem able I will still frown upon it.

JOFre$h said...

Anonymous: Has to be the boy H lol, SMH