Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heels On!

Everybody has that current jam that inspires weird yet unique thoughts, the song that did that to me was Slim featuring young berg "Heels on" Basically slim is talking about how he wants to make love to a women with her heels on, now this is one my fantasies as well but the song made me think how sexy is it for a woman just to have heels on in general. I can't say I've always enjoyed the heels look on a woman but I think it was around the time dangerous in love came out in the summer of 03 When I saw beyonce' with those red ones on when I looked like wow shes really doing it, however I was only 17 at the time so I was still in high school and I was still fascinated by girls in size 5 1/2 Cocaine's, Jordan's and air max's. Now at the tender age of 22 the first thing I notice on a woman's body is her shoes, then appropriately the other "Golden areas", if she doesn't have "Mean Shoe Game" I must admit the attraction is quickly gutted. I feel like the shoe is like a representation of who you are, it's like if some random person on the street came up to you and looked at your shoes and said "what do your shoes say about you?", would you respond "Oh they're beat and dirty like me". From a guys perspective I think heels represent that womanly feel about a woman, its sorta like make up or painted nails things than ONLY a woman should be wearing and if executed properly represents all that's beautiful about the woman species. Im not an "expert" when it comes to heels but I like the all types, with the exception of those with the big chunky bottom and real skinny heel and the ones where it looks its smashing the toes up(LOL). I dont know if these can really be considered Heels but the Boots version with they tuck the jeans in the boots are OD Sexy(OWWWWWW). However I feel like you need a certain swagger to pull off the excellent heel look.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Soul Food Minus me

I'm 22, but for 21 years I've been spoiled enough to have my whole family together on thanksgiving. Tomorrow is the first time I will be without my family on thanksgiving, actually I'll be without everybody :-( Just like with anything in life when you get used to having something you take it for granted. For the majority of my life I lived at my grandma's house so if you come from a black household like I do, you know your grandma's crib is the headquarters for anything family related. I recall the night before thanksgiving being the most dramatic night of the year my grandma, moms and aunt carol all scrambling in the kitchen seasoning food, hustling and buss ling in the kitchen trying to get a big feast ready for the family, me as a kid sitting there trying to devour a plan to sneak one of the many sweet potatoes pies up to my room without getting caught(LMAO). There's so many aspects that makes thanksgiving a great holiday just seeing a whole family unite for a time to give thanks is one of the most beautiful things you can ever witness. I know at times family can be annoying, but the older you get you realize how important is it to have that love and support around you, especially when you see how phony this world can be on a daily basis.It was almost reminiscent of Christmas with the anticipation to see family you haven't seen all year, from your aunt who was cheap and gave you bad gifts or to the cousin who swore he was better than you or the uncle(s) who wanted to lecture you about everything it was all amazing as I look back on it. Honestly, The best part about thanks giving besides seeing my family was playing video games with my cousins until a fight ensued over "cheesing" or "screen raping" I used to look forward to that so much, being an only child it was just me all the time so when it was a house with peers around my age was also cool. I def can't forgot the soul train affair that happened once all the food was eaten and alcohol started flowing, if your black you should once black people get drunk they turn any affair into a night club LMAO I guess I'm just sitting here reflecting because for the first time I'm going to be without my family on my favorite holidays and it really sucks not to mention the fact I have to work :-( Well next year I'm good to do everything in my power not to miss Thanksgiving with my family. So on this thanksgiving I'm thankful to have a family to miss.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If I were a girl....

It's funny how every time a female singer comes out with a little song of endearment girls starts feeling like they are superwoman, not saying that they aren't but lets be serious woman have just as many flaws as men if not MORE Its funny how girls complain ALL THE TIME that there are no good men left when really each man can be a "GOOD" man if woman set it up for us to be. So I compiled a little list of things that if I were a girl I would do to ensure that my man was happy and that he would continue to be a good man.... I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, But I have to put a big no homo on this entire blog. with that out the way

1. Am I understanding enough? Can he Understand what I'm saying or I am I just rambling on about ABSOLUTELY nothing

I think most of the times girls are so happy to speak to their significant other that they just ramble on about things that have no concern on interest to us, I know as a dude my attention span is slim to none so it has to be AMAZINGLY entertaining for me to pay attention and after maybe 30 secs of you rambling I just tune it out.

2. What am I arguing about?

It seems like the female species is never happy about anything and seems to want and pick about anything. It's almost like your day isn't complete until they have a argument with us. Like oh damn my day is going so perfect but left me argue with him real quick about nothing just to complete the day :-/ Arguing is going to be apart of any relationship you should be respectful enough to love person to agree to disagree

3. Is my wow factor all together?

As a dude we all want a Bey once, Lauren London, Keyshia Cole (My personal fave) etc but the odds of the average Joe schmo bagging an exotic bad chick are slim to none. So you are left with a "good Look" shorty. A "good look" shorty is something that is not "Bad" but something your boy will see you with and be like "Who's that SON" you then reply her name and he says "That's a good look". A Good Look can turn to a SMH(Shaking my head) very fast due to the fact chicks get real comfortable when they find the man that they were looking for, meaning all that maintenance has ended. No more nails done, nice weave or even the simplest things like vickys or even a matching bra and panties are no more. Then girls wonder why the man won't take them anywhere. Girls always complain they don't want a bum or a swagger less dude. But as dudes we want the woman who we claim as our shorty to be on their a game every time we hit the streets. the wow factor can also keep a dudes eyes from wandering.

4. Is my pinky up to par?

Well first things first pinky is a Porn star(A good one too). As a dude I know I want sex a lot. Naturally our hormones are raging more than a female but girls need to understand that men we need our sexual cravings taken care of regularly. Every now and then it would be nice to come home to heels + a nice outfit from fredricks(didnt think I knew about that huh ;-)) or in the middle of the night wake your dude up and give him something to smile about for the rest of the day. Also this is so major Felatio is a GREAT I cannot stress this enough....I think it was either chris rock or Kat Williams who said this "if your over the age of 21 and your not sucking...... you should be thrown in jail and given life" Couldnt agree more its like damn is it a crime to want to please your dude. We all want a lady in the street but damn in the bed i want a porn star f a freak (LOL) Cause honestly if you gone be with someone for a lifetime you need to be able to keep them please emotionally and sexually.

5. Do I have a reason to be insecure?

This might be the most important one for the blog. I know as a dude we all have gotten caught whether it be AIM, Myspace, or Cell phone. When I say caught meaning shorty read a text message or IM from another girl only to lead to her not trusting any girl to ever speak to you again. Its like how Jodie from "baby boy" was explaining that she's so "SUSPICIOUS". Honestly if a girl took care of their man like we should be treated I honestly think we would see a decrease in cheating and creeping. Dont get me wrong not every dude is going to change and keep his penis in his pants , however the majority of us would realize what we have and appreciate it to the point we wouldnt seek the company of girl A or Girl b. I think the insecurites come from the guilt the chick feels because she know she not doing a lot of the "wow factor shit" so shes wondering in her mind what girl is taking care of him thats where the insecurity comes into play. Honestly when u go looking for something you always find it , thats why it better to just play your role and do what your supposed to do and you wont have to be insecure.

Now I know this blog will ruffle a few feathers, however it needed to be addressed. In no way am I saying guys are perfect but we have wants and needs just like you gals. depending on the feedback of this I may do a pt.2 with more insight and a little more indepth list....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Restart Button on Life?

Gotta Learn to live with regrets - JAY-Z

I know we all have that point in life where you look at your life like damn How did I get here? Like where did I go wrong? Well today while at work(A PLACE I UTTERLY HATE) I was like damn what did I do so wrong in my life to be working here. Granted I have a job and I'm very thankful for that but its like Damn I had to make some poor choices to be here, an quite honestly I did. Its like I look back on my life and wonder like damn what the f was I thinking? or why the hell did I do that? I know in life you have to learn to live with regrets but what if some regrets are so big that you can't live with them. I know god has a plan for everyone but its like was it really god plan or am I the one to blame. I think back to those good old Staples commercials with the easy button, I could really use one right now. It's foolish to think about it but honestly sometime I wishlife had a restart button that way I can start fresh and just be a better person overall. Don't get me wrong I'm very thankful for everything that I have and Don't have as well(thats where the motivation comes in) But its funny to think how much better life could be If I was just able to start all over again, but then again who knows if I was able to start over my life could be 20x worse than it is now. oh well rant over anybody else feel the same?

Song of the day:
The Dream - Rocking that Thing

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cigarettes FTW or FTL ?????

Youngdiddy925:Come thrus are the answe
Diceloveme: comethru is like 20 cigs
Diceloveme:dead ass
Diceloveme:i learned that in school b
Youngdiddy925:I dont believe u
Diceloveme:google it

Well as many of you know I was a heavy "Come-Thru"(Black N Mild) Smoker for a minute, however a few drunken nights in bedstuy with the infamous marion block gang and my silly cuzzo 650 jay converted me to Newports. Now I don't know why I even accepted the "Bust me down"(shared cigarette) he handed me but the "wavy Juice"(sdevka + Cranberry/or Grape soda) had me so wavy that each pull felt like heaven I then became "addicted". Now my question is why are Cigarettes so heavily frowned upon however the Black n mild is so widely accepted. I mean any type of smoking is bad for you and definitely killing your lungs amongst other things. But its like if people find out you smoke cigarettes its like you just came out and said you have wild flaring 3rd world monkey aids or something. When in all actually the newports are definitely a better(not really) alternative than the cheap cigars know as black n milds. What statement wouldnt be correct without facts to back it

A strong cigarette contains 1.1 mg of nicotine. A cigar, depending on its size and type, can contain anywhere from 10 to 444 mg of nicotine. Cigar smoke produces 30 times more carbon monoxide than cigarette smoke. Cigar smokers have even higher rates of mouth, tongue, throat, and voice box cancer
than cigarette smokers do. One study found that 90% of cigar smokers have precancerous changes in cells of their voice box.

Not sure why some people smoke But I know why I do Simple feels good and Makes me better*cues Fabolous F/Neyo* I tried to stop but honestly im a pretty cranky person without that good old nicotine. I really would try to quit if I was still an athlete but since my son lebron is killing in the NBA ill just continue smoking.LOL nah but in all seriousness we should stop frowing upon all the smokers and embrace them the same way we do with other things and the world .

PSA : to all the kids reading this Smoking is very bad.....Make sure to eat all your vegatable and drink your ovaltine.

Smokers Kit:

Kit includes Cigs, $.50 lighter and Certs mints for after :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Internet Serious Business

Hey everyone How ya doing? I hope everything is good. Well today was my day off so I pretty much did what I usually do.......NOTHING. Well anyway today I spent the majority of the day sleep and on the net, Only to realize theres really nothing to do on the net. Besides Browing NT,Myspace,Facebook,Blogs and various other sites theres really shit to do, Which brings me to this question why in the hell do I spend so much time on it? Its like a really bad drug,lol. Don't even throw aim into the equation that has become like some underworld phenom. That has becoming my biggest habbit to shake....I blame Jivetalk and the wonderful people at research in motion for making a device better than T-mobile Sidekick for Instant messaging. I think back to cable guy when Jim carey(Chip Douglas) was talking about the information super highway. I can only see this addiction getting worse with all of the outlets the net provides today this can def increase on my OCS(see earlier blog) But anyway Just wanted to post that up. Oh yeah check out this video I did on imovie my first "video" so take it easy on me....OH yeah I appreciate all the feedback I been getting thanks alot....

Monday, November 17, 2008


Whats good everybody today was a good day...

Shot two videos for your enjoyment and also posted a new track from my son HenZ $( so enjoy and be sure to leave the feed back


Webbtheman10: Yo
Diceloveme: Whats good my dude?
Webbtheman10: I can't F*** with you B
Diceloveme: what u mean B?
Webbtheman10: You Don't mess with N******s

Now this is a typical conversation between my dude and myself on pretty much a weekly basis. Reading that its actually quite funny because I already know what to expect when he hits me up mid week around 6pm. I've come to the conclusion that I'm extremely anti social. Most might think J.O anti social? Impossible. However its true the only time I really speak a lot is when I'm wavy(Intoxicated, Drunk or nice) and even then when I'm speaking it makes little to no sense but extremely entertaining might I add. Most of the time I'm secluded in my room with laptop TV and blackberry not to the mention I live at the end of the earth does little to seek the company of others. When I was about 11 or 12 my mothers Cousin Teddy (R.I.P) Said I had something called O.C.S in my mind I'm thinking what the bleep is that only to realize he meant Only Child Syndrome. Symptoms of OCS Can be Shutting out the world, Spending excessive time alone. Clearly I have OCS its not so much that I don't enjoy the company of others , however I'm easily annoyed and Similar to a little kid on Christmas with a new toy amused and enthused for a while then not wanting it anymore. This OCS has severely ruined many friendships and past relationships, I might not speak to someone for weeks at a time and be fine with that while the person receiving that treatment might not feel the same way about that. Sometimes I wonder if there is a way to over come this however I really doubt its possible, what you think?.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

super tired

So yesterday I got a macbook and I must say this device is so "stoooooopid". I set it up approxiamtely 12:30 am while watching the warriors get manhandled by the pistons. Needless to say this is a like a secret world I never explored before(HAHAHAHA). well anyway I dvr'd all my quality tv shows (the office, American Gangster and 50 cent:the money and power) and Couldnt fully pay attention to none because of my new found fascination :-/ I tried closing it around 4 am to get to bed because I wanted to wake up and get the oil changed on the car and head to jamaica ave for a new pair of ACG's. Didnt go as smooth as planned I closed it around 6 only to wake back up @ 11 to jump right back on it LOL straight Pookie mode. Anywho just wanted to write that, more insightful and "popping" blogs should be on the way......


I been stressed lately and Besides smoking a 100 newports a day I decided to embark on the infamous world of blogging. I see most people blog random foolishness or just a way to vent or expose enemies. However this outlet will be just used to share thoughts and random feelings sort of like my version of mood music with out the audio