Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cigarettes FTW or FTL ?????

Youngdiddy925:Come thrus are the answe
Diceloveme: comethru is like 20 cigs
Diceloveme:dead ass
Diceloveme:i learned that in school b
Youngdiddy925:I dont believe u
Diceloveme:google it

Well as many of you know I was a heavy "Come-Thru"(Black N Mild) Smoker for a minute, however a few drunken nights in bedstuy with the infamous marion block gang and my silly cuzzo 650 jay converted me to Newports. Now I don't know why I even accepted the "Bust me down"(shared cigarette) he handed me but the "wavy Juice"(sdevka + Cranberry/or Grape soda) had me so wavy that each pull felt like heaven I then became "addicted". Now my question is why are Cigarettes so heavily frowned upon however the Black n mild is so widely accepted. I mean any type of smoking is bad for you and definitely killing your lungs amongst other things. But its like if people find out you smoke cigarettes its like you just came out and said you have wild flaring 3rd world monkey aids or something. When in all actually the newports are definitely a better(not really) alternative than the cheap cigars know as black n milds. What statement wouldnt be correct without facts to back it

A strong cigarette contains 1.1 mg of nicotine. A cigar, depending on its size and type, can contain anywhere from 10 to 444 mg of nicotine. Cigar smoke produces 30 times more carbon monoxide than cigarette smoke. Cigar smokers have even higher rates of mouth, tongue, throat, and voice box cancer
than cigarette smokers do. One study found that 90% of cigar smokers have precancerous changes in cells of their voice box.

Not sure why some people smoke But I know why I do Simple feels good and Makes me better*cues Fabolous F/Neyo* I tried to stop but honestly im a pretty cranky person without that good old nicotine. I really would try to quit if I was still an athlete but since my son lebron is killing in the NBA ill just continue smoking.LOL nah but in all seriousness we should stop frowing upon all the smokers and embrace them the same way we do with other things and the world .

PSA : to all the kids reading this Smoking is very bad.....Make sure to eat all your vegatable and drink your ovaltine.

Smokers Kit:

Kit includes Cigs, $.50 lighter and Certs mints for after :-)


Karsten/100K said...

LMAO @ "vegetables and ovaltine"

Everyday Jane Dope. said...

flaring 3rd world monkey aids! this nigga is a clown! lmfaooo, cigarettes are bad and kill you. Save yourself and quit!

EDF said...

Find someone dumb enough to smoke Swishers raw.