Thursday, January 29, 2009


In life most of us live by a certain quote or what some would consider a motto, Up until today my motto was "The world is yours". I think I adapted that as a corny cliche motto because After my 5oth Scarface screening it seemed to fit accordingly, I also wanted to take over the city as Tony did minus the cocaine/killings. "Sky's the limit" definitely held a infinite spot on my lively motto roster from 97 when I first heard the biggie song, however like most that aren't practiced they are as quickly forgotten. In my life I have so many different thoughts, ideas, phrases, jokes, etc just doing 300mph a day daily. So my motto of "Work hard, play hard" at 9AM will quickly change to "Bros before hoes" at 3pm.

A motto is a great thing to have and live by, sometimes if lost it can provide guidance and reassurance that you need to stay on track and get things accomplished. so today doing my usual blog scroll , I came across a quote for non other than the Rev Run of Run-Dmc/Run's House Fame, "The one thing you must do to win and keep winning IS NEVER, EVER lose your momentum... Keep the flame lit! (Remember this!) The people who do things that count, usually don't stop to count them". I comprehended the meaning, but I had to re-read at least 4 or 5times to fully get the gist of what he was trying to say. I think about in life how much we pat ourselves on the back when we do one little thing and get complacent with that one accomplishment, instead of using each accomplishment as a stepping stone and continuing to work a little harder and strive more for bigger accomplishments to tackle.

I Know in this day and age motto's come up so frequently and quickly change like underwear however this is one I feel I will ride out with until I real all my goals.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Battle Between Fresh Vs Jordan

Sometimes I want to fight myself, like really give myself a T.K.O, but in the end would I win or Lose? Life is better than ever right now, a lot of positives in my life, Outlook on life is better than it's ever been, However here comes the BUT, I still find myself struggling between my two sides. I believe everybody have 2 or 3 sides to them. It seems every great character fictional or not struggles with their identity Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Air Jordan.

Sometimes Identity is harder to mask than feelings. I often find my self in a struggle of power between Fresh and Jordan. I know some of you are think how the hell can you be in a battle between yourself. Well it's quite simple Sometimes I feel as if I'm two different characters.

Fre$H : He is a Polo abusing, Sarcastic, Alcoholic, Carefree, Man Whore, selfish, Materialistic, Jerk. I'm sure theres more but I don't want to go on for sentences. J.O was a character developed in my High School years when i was a popular Jock. Jordan is my name so J.O was much cooler than Jordan and since I was a "label whore" , I was dubbed fresh if your good at equations J.O + Fresh = J.O Fre$h. Now it's a been a while since my high school days and I still find myself doing Fre$h things, Such as still shopping, being selfish, Not caring about other feelings, Extremely sarcastic and comical to the point where I hurt peoples feelings.

Jordan: Fresh and Jordan are easily Day N
nite. Jordan is the kind hearted, romantic, sensitive, caring, family orientated, goal dominated, focused, Crazed sports fan, technological whiz. It amazes me How I can easily be this gentle person who can care about people and turn around and do a complete 180. Jordan is the one who will put others need ahead of his, was the one who set goals and planned for the bright future.

Now with every super hero
theres a climatic point in there lives where the "other" side was forced to come out, However with myself I can't figure out what keeps bring out fresh. Like two years ago I told everyone to stop calling me "J.O" and Just Jordan, It didn't last long though. No matter what I do I can't seem to shake my J.O character. I know this may sound bugged out reading this but I like the aura that J.O brings to the table, similar to Clark Kent transforming in that phone booth. Jordan is very confident, Just that J.O has that swagger that Jordan can't seem to reach, almost like a 10.0 version of myself on Cocaine an 15 red bulls.

Now I pose this question am I just copping out as an
excuse to keep Fresh around or am I forever implemented with this Fresh character for the rest of my life?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

How many of us have them?

Crew love is like the strongest love a man can have. As life goes on you realize that it's not many people you know, but how many people you can call your friends. A friend is someone who can know what your saying without you even saying a single word, Someone who will tell you the truth even though you may not want to hear it, Have your best interest at heart, Be there through the good and bad times. Friends are very rare so when you do find some it's best you keep them close and let them know you appreciate the love.

Today I was deleting files off my computer when I came across some throwback pictures of Webb,Henz and myself. I cracked up because its funny how far we have came and how far we have to go. I was talking to webb yesterday and he was telling me today was "Homie Day". Since most of us are in relationships we have few to little time to chill and kick it. So homie day is going to be an ongoing thing, Homie day is when all of us get together go out and just chill like we used too. Webb said " We need to start kicking it at a bar or lounge before we grow far apart", I read that with a bit a confusion. It never dawned on me at 19 that we would grow apart, I always seen it as us chilling on the block, going to parties, getting fresh for the rest of our lives. The story never pans out like that we all had to grow up and do our own thing, however the effort I put in with Monkey bear, have to apply the same for the friendships to keep prospering.

Webb: Webb is sort of like your mean teacher, very stern and demanding, but at the end of the day he has your best interest at heart. Webb is the dude I call on when I need the truth and good advice, He wont sugar coat jack shit. I honestly can say I love that dude. Sometimes I'm a little envious of him, his work ethic and demeanor is way beyond his 23 years and that's why he's been able to achieve what he has at a early age. Webb is a good friend to everyone he encounters. Like I had explained in an earlier blog he used to get real tight at me because we didn't kick it at much as we used to , but now I can understand why. When the world is filled with so much bull shit you want to be close to the people who keep it 100 % authentic and that's why he will be my man forever.

Henz: Henz might be one of the few people I know who says less than 500 words a year, My son is very silent yet very loud. Henz has always been in my corner and always been like a brother to me. When we met we just became OD cool, I guess real recognize real. Henz is a very smart dude, talented and gifted , usually makes thing seem extremely easy. I know this dude can do anything he puts his mind to. A lot of people try to do music nowadays but henz never rapped until I used to egg him on like son you can do it, now he makes tracks and damn good ones at that. Me and this dude have been through a lot together and I can say he one of the most genuine dudes I've encountered.

Life is funny sometimes, you start off with a big posse and time goes by your left with less and less and when the smoke clears the few standing next to you are usually the people you ride out with for the rest of your life.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does Technology scare anyone else?

Apparently apple has an "app" or application which lets you locate a person exact position. A woman definitely had to be the inventor of something like this. No more "oh baby I'm chilling with the homies" She can pin point you to your ex shorties house or the local strip joint. I love the innovations and how easier technology can make your life, but are we being spoon fed too much? Are we becoming a nation of lazy, know it alls.

Look at every gadget you own and think how far each of those gadgets have changed the way in which we live. Right now I'm looking at my macbook, cellphone, television and cablebox. Each of these have come a long way, but honestly how much more can these devices change? It's scares me like what happens next from here are we soon to be ruled by techinal geeks and small robots.

I like many kids used to imagine what the "future" would be like, flying cars, silver space boots, personal lucilles for everyone, almost like a real life jetson's episode. Honestly I'm scared of what the technological advances have in store for us. It's sad when we look for a video game system to work out, check a website for health situations or are too lazy to manually press buttons on a keypad so we need touch screen. I know I can't be the only person feeling this way....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"We aint ready to see a BLACK President....."

Sorry Pac you were wrong buddy. I know today is going to be filled with cheesy inauguration post, So I decided to do mine with a little twist. I'm elated to be able to say that in my time I was able to live under the reign of a black leader. My child will also be the first generation of many babies who can speak about having grew up during the Obama administration. So in Lew of all the excitement I decided to post an essential Kit for tonight's celebration:

Even though I won't be attending the inauguration, I still feel it's appropriate for me to dress up. I usually wear a polo shirt, Jeans and ACG's but tonight I will get my "Grown-Man" on. I feel like it's only right to wear a nice collared shirt with a good slack, Want to start the new term off correctly with a good outfit as almost a sign off good things to come. For the people that are going to dress up ladies, lets keep the "skin" to a minimum and fellas lets pull up those pants as a sign of respect of all we've worked for and a sign of things to come in the future.

2. Family/Friends
Tonight is the time when we you want to be around everybody , similar to a BBQ in the middle of the summer. I mean if possible all generations should be together witnessing this historic event. From Granny to down to the new born baby.

3. Food
You know no black event goes down without some good cooking. So if you can have someone prepare some baked mac n cheese, Collard greens, cornbread fried chicken and a sweet potato pie. I mean I know it's a Tuesday but this type of celebration only happens once in a life time.

4. Drinks
Put down that 40 or that cheap 10 bottle of Bacardi limon. Crack open the fine stuff get a nice fine wine from '73 or a good bubbly, I love my Andre's but tonight I think the moet will get dusted off for the big homie Barack. Even though it's a Tuesday and the majority of us have to work Wednesday Morning enjoy a nice drink with your friends and family, However you know if you ever been to a black gathering once the drinks start flowing the ......

5. Music

Now as most of you can tell Rap is my favorite musical genre but tonight I feel it's only appropriate that whom ever the DJ is where you are play that good ole funk music, that get you out your seat, cup/glass in your hand, spin around three times and clap music. I mean it is a celebration so we should play music that reflects that I mean "single ladies" and "she got a donk" are cool for Sasha's 23rd bday party but tonight time to break out that Good Good throwback funk music.

So with that Said Hope and Change Have finally arrived. I hope everyone enjoy's their night and spends it with the people who mean the most to them, I know I will.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Office

No matter what career path you have at some point, you've worked in an environment like this or know someone who has. This show is a remake of the british cult classic and is actually one of the greatest TV shows I've ever seen.

If you can please watch this show. This is what you call Television at its finest. Tues on TBS at 10pm & 10:30 pm. Thurs on NBC @ 9:oopm

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sky's the Limit

"It was all a dream...." and with that the infatuation and admiration came. Me being a Queens dude I had so much love and respect for the Notorious B.I.G like you wouldn't understand. I remember being in 2ND grade Circa 1994, heading to the coney Island aquarium on school field trip and a classmate Delano(R.I.P.) Letting me hear the Tape he jacked from his older brother, which was titled Ready to Die. He let me hear a raunchy Interlude on the B-side, "F--k me", We both giggled and laughed as we never heard talk like that before and for it to be on a music tape was very weird, yet funny and somewhat cool. That was my first introduction to the man known as Biggie Smalls but it wouldn't be my last.

Every city Has a hero whether it be Music, Sports, Political, Illegal. NYC is the mecca of heroes, Being the nations greatest city(arguably) we have many heroes. However Besides King, X(Shabazz), Jordan theres Wallace. Christopher Wallace that is, AKA Notorious B.I.G AKA Frank White AKA Biggie Smalls aka The greatest rapper ever.

Now if your not from N.Y. you can't really appreciate the rapper or the person, I mean its like that for every region, L.A/ With snoop or PAC, 'the bay' with E-40 and mistah fab, Chi-town with the step music or even Dc with go-go.

Big touched many lives, he told a story of the inner city who had everything but had nothing. His stories were so vivid, From Arizona Ron, To too cool Jermaine, Or his man O, How could you forget about the alligators he had sewn on his shirts. Some people are blessed with gifts and biggie was one of them.

Last night while watching the movie I realized some people have to go before their time for people to truly appreciate. While Big was alive he was definitely appreciated but people don't open their eyes usually until some passes away.
Big depicted everything a great rapper should be Witty, Charismatic, Fashionable, Charming, Entertaining and most of all Nice on the Mic. Ready to Die was a dope album maybe top 15 all time, But life after Death is what solidified his spot as the greatest. Big stepped it up so many notches its not even funny, Ready to die can be compared to Jordan winning championships from 91-93 you were hyped to finally see him and win and the way he did it, While Life after death was when Jordan solidified his spot gracefully, elegant and broke records. I know many people aren't Biggie fans, some were just a fan of his singles and know that he was the guy who had beef with Tupac however his life and music meant so much more than that. Big single handily made Being a thug who made dance music cool, He did songs with everyone from super cat to the king of pop, even slam dunked a sweet 16 bars for Shaq diesel, carried the east coast on his Back at a time when Death Row Records could do no wrong. Introduced Us to Jay-z, Cam'ron Ma$e and is the reason why diddy thinks he can rap now.

TOP 10 Biggie Songs
10. Title:"I Love the Dough" Featuring Jay-Z
Album: Life After Death (Disc 1)

"Ain't Shit change , except the number after the dot on the range"

Title: B.I.G Interlude
Album: Life After Death (Disc 1)

B. Is the for the bitches who can't understand one fly nigga who became a man
I. Is the for way it goes in an out, one by one I knocks em out
G. Is the for the way the game goes in the gutta
other mc's man they ain't say nothing.......

8. Title: "Players Anthem" Featuring Lil'Kim, Lil' Cease
Album : Conspiracy Theory

"How you living biggie smalls? I'm surrounded by criminals, heavy rollers, even the shiesty individuals...."

7. Title: "Who Shot ya"
Album: Born Again

"Who shot ya, Separate the weak from the Ob-so-lete...."

6. Title : "Warning"
Album: Ready to Die

"Who the F--- is this paging me at 5:46 in the morning....."

5. Title "One More Chance/Stay with me Remix"
Album: Notorious SDTK

"Black and ugly as ever however I stay coogi down to the socks..."

4. Title: Juicy
Album: Ready to Die

"Time to get paid, Blow up like the world trade...."

3. Title: Suicidal Thoughts
Album : Ready to Die

"When I die , F--- it I wanna go to hell, I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to tell, it don't make sense going to heaven with the goodie goodies, Dressed in white I like black tims and Black hoodies, God Will probably have me on some real strict shit, No sleeping all day no getting my dick licked, hanging with the goodie goodies lounging in paradise, fuck that shit I wanna tote guns and shoot dice, All my life I been considered as the worst,lying to mother even stealing out her purse, crime after crime from drugs to extortion I know my mother wish she got a f---ing abortion....."

2. Title: I got a story to tell
Album: Life After Death

"This goes out to all that niggas that be f---ing mad bitches in other niggas crib"

1B. Title: "Brooklyn's Finest" Featuring Jay-z
Album : Reasonable Finest

"if faith had twins she probably have 2 pac's ...."

1A. Title : My Downfall Featuring DMC(of Run-DMC)
Album: Life After Death Disc 2

"Look man you wanna see me locked up, shot up, Mom's crouched up,over the casket screaming bastard, crying...."

1. Title: Sky's the limit
Album: Life After Death Disc 2

While we out here, say the hustlers prayer,If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me a better man, Take a better stand,Put money in my moms hand, Get my daughter this college plan, so she don't need no man,Stay far from timid,Only make moves when ya heart's in it, And live the phrase Sky's The Limit, Motherfucker... see you chumps on top"

The best to ever do it, the best who ever did it, The real King Of NY Mr . Christopher Wallace

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Got a habit.

I'm not sure if the majority of the people who read my blog would even know who Max B is, or even care to know. Max B is a Harlem rapper was down with Jim Jones and signed to Bryd Gang Records, However Max had a big falling out with Jim over monies owed to him and such. During his stint at the record label, Max Recorded a song Called "I got a habit", this song has bonifide hit written all over it, but it never made it to the light, so I'm giving you a chance to hear the song. Enjoy!

Well if you skipped over the video, like I do sometime(LOL). Max is basically talking about a relationship between him and the lady in his life. In the introduction of the song Max raps "We all have that special person we love, A little ride or die.....". Well this blog is a post for monkey bear, she always ask me why I don't blog about her or why she's constantly reffered to as the "belly".

Well Monkey Bear and originally met back in late 2004 and have been rocking out since. She's a genuinely nice person and always has my back. I used to listen to a lot of R. kelly however before meeting her "a woman's worth" didn't make sense, now it describes her to a T. I can honestly say besides three of my boys shes like one of the main people I can rely on. Somewhat insecure(I can take the blame for that), Overprotective and worries a lot, but I'm glad she does. I know when life get crazy she always the one to make things right and erase the pain. Now I look back on the painful things I did, cheating, Fighting, disrespecting her, I feel like that ne-yo song "why does she stay", Honestly any other girl wouldn't put up with half the mess I put her through. No she isn't the baddest girl in streets, nor the flyest or best pyshique but just right for me and thats why I'm glad we'll embark on this journey together. I originally wanted to save this post for February 14 but that would've been so cliche and cheesy. So with this post I dedicate it to the girl that no girl can replace, future Wife, Soon Baby Mother to be, My monkey bear ;-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worst day EVER?

You ever have a day so bad? Where it seems like nothing is going your way? Well today I woke up late, Couldn't find my car keys, Get to work and the majority of these test tubes called out and was yelled at by some retarded hispanic lady because her New HDTV wasn't showing in HD(Perhaps investing in a HD box would help?) So as I'm about to reach my boiling point, glance over at the g-shock and it's 8:27 which means Almost 8:30 punch out time. So I stop by the china man to get a dish to come home watch hdtv then bad girls club then my dvr'd episodes of the office, to hopefully help cheer me up. When I come across hands down the most ignorant video I've ever seen, this instantly cheered me up and I'm feeling much better now


The Pursuit of Happiness : Female Edition

What do woman really want? What keeps a woman Happy? Will a woman ever be completely satisfied? What are the steps in order to keep a woman happy?

Those are all questions men have asked them selves since the dawn of time, when we put the lego's down and took and interest in the opposite sex. As a teenager I figured when I hit adult hood woman would be easier to understand, boy was I wrong!

My boy Webb and I had our weekly "Man" conversation, where we touch on Sports, Financial issues, politics and of course our belly's. So we each came to the conclusion that there is no pleasing the female species, No matter how well they are treated and how much you do there is no middle ground for happiness. Myself I just gave up trying to understand my belly I understand she is going to be her no what and something in life cannot be understood and she is one of them.

It seems like there are men all over the country trying to figure it out WHAT IS EXACTLY woman need to stop complaining, worrying and just be HAPPY!

Monday, January 12, 2009

If you ain't got it, You AINT GOT IT


The sign pictured above is usually the 2nd place out of towner's go after they check in to their hotel. If you've never heard of the place located in Lower East side of Manhattan and it's famous for it's strip of "Sidewalk boutiques", the place is Canal Street. Here you can buy a "L.V Damier" handbag for $50 and matching "L.V" Scarf for $10. Now myself I've never owned anything fake and never plan on to, I live by a simple motto: If I can't afford it, I don't need it, simple. However I don't think many people get the gist of that. My biggest problem with NY'ers is that everybody is trying to portray and image, live in some fantasy world, where they appear to be something that they clearly are not. For instance every girl is so couture and Model status now but what they fail to realize is that there's nothing couture about spending your last $300 on a pair of Prada sneakers or not being able to afford $20 to get into a night club. Like seriously Ask yourself this question do you think Lauren from the hills or Vanessa or Angela would be buying these high class items if they had to come home to a section 8 apartment ?

Now there's this guys we will call him "Cool Dude". "Cool Dude" works at my job, average black male listens to rap, wear sneakers, appears to be fashionably hip to the latest trends, wear a lot of "Flashy" jewelry, Sounds good right? RIGHT? Just one problem all of it is FAKE. Now "Cool Dude" is not a bad person at all, I sometimes converse with the guy at lunch, we touch on random topics, From girls, sports, music and latest clothing, except he always try to down play others, Now myself I'm not the best dressed guy nor am I the worst, but I take pride in purchasing authentic items and never trying to be someone I'm not. However today I was very close to calling out "Cool Dude" on his FUGAZZI attire. I try to be a jerk, but it's just not in me at heart I'm a very kind person who seems to care about peoples feelings too much.

I understand in life we all want the finer things but why try to be someone your not and buy things you know and most likely the people who are up on fashion know are not authentic? Like how can you honestly hold your head high knowing you purchased a product that's not real to portray an image. I blame the movie stars, rappers and other socialites on this. People without the proper funds need to wake up and realize the people who have all of these finer things can actually afford them and you can't which is why you're wearing the knock offs and not the authentic things.

I couldn't finish off the blog without touching on these people too. Back in High School I had a friend we will call him "Har". " Har" and I were very close because we shared a mutual interest in clothes and music. So one day I asked "Har" why he never comes out with us on weekend "Har" Response was that "I like to get fly but I always spend my last on it", I looked at "Har" with a look of disgust but couldn't help but laugh in his face like wow , so you buy all these clothes to look good in school and come home to stare at the walls in your house in a new coogi or iceberg sweater. SMH

Last year I was friends with a girl we shall Call "N dot Baby". "N dot baby" was a very fashionable girl or at least I thought, "N dot baby" always knew about the latest designers and spent much of her conversations talking about them. So during one of our conversations I asked "N dot baby" why doesn't she buy some clothes from the designer's she seems to always be promoting "I would love to if I had the money" I wanted to scream at her say female-dog we would all love to buy things if we had the money but that doesn't mean we should spend every living moment talking about and promoting them.

It's 2009 people will wake up and realize in the end your image no one cares about, Unless your a soon to be superstar i doubt you will have paparazzi following your every move making sure you always have on the latest designer or ridiculing you on the E channel Just be yourself, Because in the end NO ONE CARES.

*Plays Kanye - All falls down*

Friday, January 9, 2009

How many is TOO many?

"Nah my dude I'm good, I don't want that P****y, Everybody hit that" - Random guy

Promiscuous girls are usually looked at as pops or slides. I guess it because woman are held to a higher regard than man with the way they go about their sexual dealings. A woman's body is usually looked at as a temple, in a spiritual way, heavenly like. So I guess with each sexual partner she has the value of the vagina seems to plummet. I myself wouldn't want a woman with more than 5 sexual partners, even 5 is high but as you get older you have to realize that a woman is going to encounter a lot of dudes and occasionally sleep with one of those guys. Let me present a hypothetical situation, In Middle School or High School she may have 1 partner, then college comes where she lets loose and has a modest 2 partners, already past the half way point to 5, then the woman bumps into the guy she thought she could never have 4 and they she meets you which makes 5.

"Ill girls he's a man whore, he'd f*** anything moving, hell even stuff that can't move"

Sexually active guys are usually looked at as pimps or "that dude", Not to incriminate anybody but hell even some of my dudes seem to be in a "rat race" to see who can get the most "bodies". With men our penis is like our special attribute. It's what "makes" us, it's pretty symbolic somewhat of a trophy. As a man myself I love mine and I'm pretty sure other male readers would agree with me. Since the majority of males start having sexual intercourse at a young age it would be difficult for me to conduct a hypothetical situation here goes on though. Young man meets girl in lets say 8th grade, has first experience then becomes hooked on the power of the p, so high school and college he racks up an addition 12 partners. The young man is now at 13.

So one day the young lady is out shopping and the young man so happens to be at the same location and they happen to "bag" each other. They chat with each other dig each others vibe, express feelings, share secrets, basically the whole scene is perfect. Until they each began to divulge into that closet to pull out the skeletons on their sexual history. The young lady swore she would never talk to a man who had more than 10 and the man swore he wouldn't talk to a lady with more than 5. Now I pose this question in this situation who is right? Should there a be limit on sexual partners? Should a partners PAST be an issue? I mean it is the past right.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"I got daughters on the way"

No I really don't have daughters on the way, actually I don't know what I have on the way yet because the belly is only 7 weeks in. During a mental ipod session, you know where a song comes in your head and keeps playing all day in your head until you actually hear it, Well Jay-z "Beach Chair" came on and that line had me thinking. I've always heard if you treat women well you have a son and if your a "dog" you have girls. Needless to say I believed in this because both my dudes caught girls on their first try, But my cousin who might be Goldie reincarnated has a boy so that theory automatically becomes flawed, right? Now I'm up next with the gender unknown still at this point, Honestly I'm so nervous, I'm not what one would consider a dog , but I've had a little bite and bark in my past. I haven't always been the most faithful and trustworthy boyfriend but shouldn't I get a leniency for putting in a change now. I wish there was like some pregnancy judge I could speak to and plead my case. Everybody think it's going to be a boy and I really hope it is. Like I know how I was as a young dude growing up and I would be scared shitless knowing I had daughter who potentially run into a 2.o version of myself.

I wouldn't want to be an overprotective father but I have a feeling if I had a daughter I would be one of the "Crazy pops", you know when you like a girl but you were scared to come around or call because her dad was crazy. But it's crazy because the girls who had the overprotective parents were the girls popping off before everybody else and were usually the one who ended up with kids,std s,etc first. So basically it's a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. I don't know how the younger generation is getting down these days, But I was getting involved at a very early age and it's scares me to think that daddy's little girl could one of the girls getting "down".

Maybe I sound a little bias right now, which I pretty much am , But its because I think boys are a million times easier to raise, get them some clothes video games and music , sports and a great parental figure and they're good, well its not that easy but you get the jist of what I'm trying to say. Honestly at this point I just want a baby that's going to be healthy but If I have a girl I will be happy that its alive and healthy but I will cry, Seriously....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I dont care...

"I don't care"
"It's not that serious"

These words quotes usually come before or after each other. Usually said after an argument in which the other side felt ridiculed or was proven wrong. The term is reminiscent of a child who is upset and says "I'm not your friend anymore". It really irks me when someone says this, because 9/10 they brought the topic of discussion up and because they didnt recieve the answer they were looking for , "It's not that serious, I Don't care".

This might be my shortest blog ever but I just wanted to vent about that. I know others have to feel the same way I do about that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fashion Randomness with Delia

I meant to post this the other night but I was being a lazy bum as usual. So I usually have random 2am convos with my homie Adelia So today i decided to record a video chat with her since we were both using a mac.

We touched on a few subjects and other randomness enjoy!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Liar Liar

" I want the truth"
"Why can't you be honest with me"
"Tell me the truth, I won't get mad, I promise"
"God, I can't Stand Liars"
"I lie to you, cause I care about your feelings"

Since the dawn of time people have been lying, Hell my own race was lied to , thats why we're now called African- AMERICANS. Lying seems to be apart of every civilization, from high power political figures, lying about changes going to be made to economic conditions or the homeless man lying about the money he needs for food that will be used for some alcoholic beverage or illegal drug. As a civilization we've grown accustom to the 'white lie'. A 'white lie" can be defined as
an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite). I'm what you would call a Black-White liar, a black person who tells white lies all day.

Now there are different type of liars, the compulsive liar, the fronter and then the Black-white liar. The compulsive liar is by far the worst, a compulsive liar is someone who tell you they were in the twin towers the days of the 9-11, was burned and hit by the plane but still managed to make it from the 92nd floor to tell you their story. The fronter(which we all know) is the person who will lie to improve their self esteem or make their image greater than what it is, basically compensating for something that's missing from inside. Then you have the White liar, the person who lies to not crush people feelings or basically sugar coat things.

In the 1995 'cult' Classic "Liar, Liar" Jim carey plays an attorney who is basically what I am an white liar. Jim lied to everyone , everything all day just to help his day because his honesty would potentially ruin everything he worked for. Jim excuse for lying was that "I'm a lawyer, I'm supposed to lie" until his son made a wish on his birthday that he would no longer be able to lie. It definitely didnt work out in his favor, he said mean things and potentially dug a hole for himself.

My problem is I care too much about feelings, However last year I learned that I showed way too much love to people who potentially dicked me over in the end. I forgot who said this but I think it's an very appropriate quote "Show no love, Love will get you killed", However my task for this month is going to be not to tell any white lies and keep it as "Funky" as possible and see how many people are still talking to me, LOL I will keep you guys updated on the progress...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Today The belly and I were taking down the Christmas tree and I was forced to go to the attic to put this lug of a tree back in its place until next November. So anyway while in the attic I found a box titled "Jordan's stuff" so the nosy young man I am I beasted to open the u haul box only to find like a time capsule, I found dream cast controllers, PlayStation 1 controllers, PlayStation video games, and my Middle school year book. I havent seen this book in about 7 or 8 years. So as I place the tree back in it's dark corner location, I hurry down the cranky wooden ladder to comb through the box and review my year book, as I combing I stumble upon a couple of albums I decided to added to my itunes immediatley.

I finally open the year book and I'm reading the comments and I start blushing like "Damn I musta been THAT DUDE", then I get to the page 2015 predictions and for my name it said Jordan Holmes - Future Professional Basketball Player, I immediately shook my head and closed the book, almost like I just seen my granny naked with a tattoo of my grand pa name on her stomach, it was frightening. It dawned on me that its 2009 like damn where has the time gone. It seems like it was only yesterday when i was cutting school to bring a girl over to "Chill" before my mom got home, or waking up at 6am on Saturdays to go get a new pair of sneakers or Staying on the phone till after 9 so that any call after 9 wouldn't wake my mother up(LOL).

However on a serious note I can't believe its 2009 already it feels like it was only last year when people were bugging out about y2k or I was learning to drive, now I'm 22. This year is going to be a major year it marks the 5th year since I've graduated High School, in about 8 months I will be someones father and I begin my career in a new field I've never thought about entering. Honestly each year that goes by scares me, I have so many things I want to accomplish and it feels like there's not enough time to get it all done. Is it too early to start a bucket list?

The one thing I realized writing this blog is that time waits for no man, not even myself, so with that said I wish everybody a prosperous year and Hope each and everyone of us can get what we want done this year, i know I'm going to try my best.

Oh yeah if you can try this out very nice :-)