Friday, January 2, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Today The belly and I were taking down the Christmas tree and I was forced to go to the attic to put this lug of a tree back in its place until next November. So anyway while in the attic I found a box titled "Jordan's stuff" so the nosy young man I am I beasted to open the u haul box only to find like a time capsule, I found dream cast controllers, PlayStation 1 controllers, PlayStation video games, and my Middle school year book. I havent seen this book in about 7 or 8 years. So as I place the tree back in it's dark corner location, I hurry down the cranky wooden ladder to comb through the box and review my year book, as I combing I stumble upon a couple of albums I decided to added to my itunes immediatley.

I finally open the year book and I'm reading the comments and I start blushing like "Damn I musta been THAT DUDE", then I get to the page 2015 predictions and for my name it said Jordan Holmes - Future Professional Basketball Player, I immediately shook my head and closed the book, almost like I just seen my granny naked with a tattoo of my grand pa name on her stomach, it was frightening. It dawned on me that its 2009 like damn where has the time gone. It seems like it was only yesterday when i was cutting school to bring a girl over to "Chill" before my mom got home, or waking up at 6am on Saturdays to go get a new pair of sneakers or Staying on the phone till after 9 so that any call after 9 wouldn't wake my mother up(LOL).

However on a serious note I can't believe its 2009 already it feels like it was only last year when people were bugging out about y2k or I was learning to drive, now I'm 22. This year is going to be a major year it marks the 5th year since I've graduated High School, in about 8 months I will be someones father and I begin my career in a new field I've never thought about entering. Honestly each year that goes by scares me, I have so many things I want to accomplish and it feels like there's not enough time to get it all done. Is it too early to start a bucket list?

The one thing I realized writing this blog is that time waits for no man, not even myself, so with that said I wish everybody a prosperous year and Hope each and everyone of us can get what we want done this year, i know I'm going to try my best.

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Webb-the-man said...

Yeah kid... Times flies and before yo know it we gonna be 30 going 2 the after work spots 2gether... Talking bout our kids and wives stressing s out lol. But at least we got a headstart on life. You should be in the league so I can retire :-(

Everyday Jane Dope. said...

Hellllll yea, I was so scared screaming Happy New Yearrr!
The year 2009 has always been cast off into the far far future and now its here and i'm about to graduate and become an actual adult. Shit, lets take it back to 05!
"Like a premie out the womb, my partner yelling 'Toooo soon' "
Lol thats about to be my next blog topic.
Thanks Holmes aka Poppa J-O!

Che Che said...

im with renee on this year marks the official beginning of adult hood...

on another note, im stuck on the "in 8 months im gonna be someone's father"...can we say shocker...congrats big homie. ill b hittin u up soon lol

Miss.Stefanie said...

Mmm mojitos!!!

Anonymous said...

when i tried that mojito i didn't like it and i was so excited to try a mojito anything! but i guess the mint doesn't do it for me.

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm proud of the writer you brought out of you...u got some good stuff on here i must say! Keep it up....btw congrat sirfreshalot.

marika said...

wow! i didnt even know you were gonna be a dad! congrats!! Yea man time is zooming by me! I was actually thinking about this 30mins before i read your blog! Basicallly reflecting on the things i loved years ago..that i cant stand anymore.... by now i thought i'd be finished college (which i am) and settling down with the hs sweety;) working as an anchor woman on cbs!!! i dont wanna do that job anymore..i've grown so much but remained the same ...its weird man!

2Jazzy4u said...

off topic but I like ur blog


Kelis. said...

congrats on being a father soon.
i can totally understand how you feel. i'll be 21 this year. it seems like only yesterday i was turning 18!

I feel like this is gonna really be the year.

best of luck <3
BTW: mojitos are okay it just depends on how and who makes them.

el, the high low life. said...

im not crazy about that particular mojito from bacardi.

but nonetheless,
stumbled across your blog -- very interesting & yet so true, i tend to sit down sometimes & think where the hell has the year gone.

congrats on being a father too.


100K said...

Congratulations muthafucka!!!!

niggas growing up b..

Tashur Raquel said...

congrats on being a soon to be father!
and yeah this year and the past years have gone by so quickly. I kinda wonder to myself..what have I accomplished? well, good luck in the 09!

Anonymous said...

Mayne all you have to do is make sure you are doing better than you did the previous year and you'll be alright. Take it from me the cats who don't improve will look like Al Bundy and the cats that do will laugh at Al Bundy. Just keep it moving homie and you'll be alright.

JuJu said...

damn. amen to that right there!

JOFre$h said...

good advice freeman I will definitely try to apply that this yr