Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sky's the Limit

"It was all a dream...." and with that the infatuation and admiration came. Me being a Queens dude I had so much love and respect for the Notorious B.I.G like you wouldn't understand. I remember being in 2ND grade Circa 1994, heading to the coney Island aquarium on school field trip and a classmate Delano(R.I.P.) Letting me hear the Tape he jacked from his older brother, which was titled Ready to Die. He let me hear a raunchy Interlude on the B-side, "F--k me", We both giggled and laughed as we never heard talk like that before and for it to be on a music tape was very weird, yet funny and somewhat cool. That was my first introduction to the man known as Biggie Smalls but it wouldn't be my last.

Every city Has a hero whether it be Music, Sports, Political, Illegal. NYC is the mecca of heroes, Being the nations greatest city(arguably) we have many heroes. However Besides King, X(Shabazz), Jordan theres Wallace. Christopher Wallace that is, AKA Notorious B.I.G AKA Frank White AKA Biggie Smalls aka The greatest rapper ever.

Now if your not from N.Y. you can't really appreciate the rapper or the person, I mean its like that for every region, L.A/ With snoop or PAC, 'the bay' with E-40 and mistah fab, Chi-town with the step music or even Dc with go-go.

Big touched many lives, he told a story of the inner city who had everything but had nothing. His stories were so vivid, From Arizona Ron, To too cool Jermaine, Or his man O, How could you forget about the alligators he had sewn on his shirts. Some people are blessed with gifts and biggie was one of them.

Last night while watching the movie I realized some people have to go before their time for people to truly appreciate. While Big was alive he was definitely appreciated but people don't open their eyes usually until some passes away.
Big depicted everything a great rapper should be Witty, Charismatic, Fashionable, Charming, Entertaining and most of all Nice on the Mic. Ready to Die was a dope album maybe top 15 all time, But life after Death is what solidified his spot as the greatest. Big stepped it up so many notches its not even funny, Ready to die can be compared to Jordan winning championships from 91-93 you were hyped to finally see him and win and the way he did it, While Life after death was when Jordan solidified his spot gracefully, elegant and broke records. I know many people aren't Biggie fans, some were just a fan of his singles and know that he was the guy who had beef with Tupac however his life and music meant so much more than that. Big single handily made Being a thug who made dance music cool, He did songs with everyone from super cat to the king of pop, even slam dunked a sweet 16 bars for Shaq diesel, carried the east coast on his Back at a time when Death Row Records could do no wrong. Introduced Us to Jay-z, Cam'ron Ma$e and is the reason why diddy thinks he can rap now.

TOP 10 Biggie Songs
10. Title:"I Love the Dough" Featuring Jay-Z
Album: Life After Death (Disc 1)

"Ain't Shit change , except the number after the dot on the range"

Title: B.I.G Interlude
Album: Life After Death (Disc 1)

B. Is the for the bitches who can't understand one fly nigga who became a man
I. Is the for way it goes in an out, one by one I knocks em out
G. Is the for the way the game goes in the gutta
other mc's man they ain't say nothing.......

8. Title: "Players Anthem" Featuring Lil'Kim, Lil' Cease
Album : Conspiracy Theory

"How you living biggie smalls? I'm surrounded by criminals, heavy rollers, even the shiesty individuals...."

7. Title: "Who Shot ya"
Album: Born Again

"Who shot ya, Separate the weak from the Ob-so-lete...."

6. Title : "Warning"
Album: Ready to Die

"Who the F--- is this paging me at 5:46 in the morning....."

5. Title "One More Chance/Stay with me Remix"
Album: Notorious SDTK

"Black and ugly as ever however I stay coogi down to the socks..."

4. Title: Juicy
Album: Ready to Die

"Time to get paid, Blow up like the world trade...."

3. Title: Suicidal Thoughts
Album : Ready to Die

"When I die , F--- it I wanna go to hell, I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to tell, it don't make sense going to heaven with the goodie goodies, Dressed in white I like black tims and Black hoodies, God Will probably have me on some real strict shit, No sleeping all day no getting my dick licked, hanging with the goodie goodies lounging in paradise, fuck that shit I wanna tote guns and shoot dice, All my life I been considered as the worst,lying to mother even stealing out her purse, crime after crime from drugs to extortion I know my mother wish she got a f---ing abortion....."

2. Title: I got a story to tell
Album: Life After Death

"This goes out to all that niggas that be f---ing mad bitches in other niggas crib"

1B. Title: "Brooklyn's Finest" Featuring Jay-z
Album : Reasonable Finest

"if faith had twins she probably have 2 pac's ...."

1A. Title : My Downfall Featuring DMC(of Run-DMC)
Album: Life After Death Disc 2

"Look man you wanna see me locked up, shot up, Mom's crouched up,over the casket screaming bastard, crying...."

1. Title: Sky's the limit
Album: Life After Death Disc 2

While we out here, say the hustlers prayer,If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me a better man, Take a better stand,Put money in my moms hand, Get my daughter this college plan, so she don't need no man,Stay far from timid,Only make moves when ya heart's in it, And live the phrase Sky's The Limit, Motherfucker... see you chumps on top"

The best to ever do it, the best who ever did it, The real King Of NY Mr . Christopher Wallace


Miss.Stefanie said...

Loved the movie. Got the good,bad, ugly and pretty side of Biggie. Made me tear up because he looked so real.

jasmine nicole said...

i know little about biggie and i'm a bonafide tupac fan, got my nose pierced because of him!! anyhow, i feel where you come from when you talk about big being a hometown hero mine is t.i. for obvious reasons. i'm from the south [tenn.& ga] so most of the rap i grew up on was outkast, goodie mobb, three 6 mafia but from time to time my mama would throw on some "ready to die", the obvious singles were my choice, because at the age of 5/6 who really listens to the lyrics?? i'm ashamed to say even most tupac i don't know for that same reason lol. dmx "it's dark and hell is hot" and "flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood" and "and then there was x", sadly...i know those albums like the back of my hand. pop them in and it's like karaoke for me. you can thank my mama for thinking he was "sexy" lol. anyway, all this hype surrounding the movie makes me feel almost ashamed for not delving deeper into his music until now. although, it's never too late to get into good music because most of this shit out now is whack!! i still haven't seen the movie but this is all the more reason to do so. sorry for the short story. =)


Kofi Bofah said...

Working on this right now:

The Greatest Rappers of All Time

It may take me a minute to get it tight and polished - but you see where I am going...

Miss.Fortune said...

may he rest n peace
and his legacy live on

MoBetta ThanBlues said...

Agree with the commnt wa great brought back a lot of child hood memeories....loe of the year so far.....

JOFre$h said...

Stef: The movie was good but they skimmed over many parts and you didnt really get too see both sides to the man. They didnt explain why he switched from the hoodies to versace or why he and his first baby mother stopped speaking

J.Nicole: Definitely give the songs I mentioned a listen and take it from there you will soon become a fan as well, I trust!

Mo: Definitely was the golden era right there everthing was good in the mid - Late 90's EVERYTHING.

Super Woman said...

As a brooklyn Native and growing up with casette players loving Mr. Cee and Funk Flex Back then I LOVED Biggie. Suicidal thoughts was my favorite Of All Time Biggie song because i Understood where he was coming from and who else was telling it like that?

I Was Like What 7 Years Old Taping Funk Flex Shows and Mr. Cee Mixes And What Not ...(I Still Have Tapes From 94, 95, 96)

I even get offended if someone asks me (Which they have) Why does He Deserve A Movie? Lol

I said All Of that To Basically Say I Loved the Post And Loved Your Choices

100K said...

I almost tore up @ the funeral scene.

there coulda been more cats portrayed like Snoop...

solid flick..

they aint really sugarcoat saw the infidelities and serving fiends...things B.I.G. admitted he did.

Webb-the-man said...

i didnt ppe the movie yet, i gotta go without the full house crowd and a bucket of popcorn, but biggie defintely is a hero to ny and rap in general. its sad that him and had beef cuz they were the best to ever do it. i always wonder what the game would have been like if they were homies and still her til this day. alot of niggas would of had to take biggie advice.... " dont be mad UPS is hiring, shoulda been a cop fuck hip-hop with that freestyle you bound to get shot" alot of these new rapper dudes are fakes and plain boring

JOFre$h said...

Big didnt have quite the impact of a mr shakur, but he will definitely be remembered as our hero he put east coast rap back on he came with his own style and originality, which many have tried to duplicate but fell on their faces hard.

SICKNESS said...