Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"We aint ready to see a BLACK President....."

Sorry Pac you were wrong buddy. I know today is going to be filled with cheesy inauguration post, So I decided to do mine with a little twist. I'm elated to be able to say that in my time I was able to live under the reign of a black leader. My child will also be the first generation of many babies who can speak about having grew up during the Obama administration. So in Lew of all the excitement I decided to post an essential Kit for tonight's celebration:

Even though I won't be attending the inauguration, I still feel it's appropriate for me to dress up. I usually wear a polo shirt, Jeans and ACG's but tonight I will get my "Grown-Man" on. I feel like it's only right to wear a nice collared shirt with a good slack, Want to start the new term off correctly with a good outfit as almost a sign off good things to come. For the people that are going to dress up ladies, lets keep the "skin" to a minimum and fellas lets pull up those pants as a sign of respect of all we've worked for and a sign of things to come in the future.

2. Family/Friends
Tonight is the time when we you want to be around everybody , similar to a BBQ in the middle of the summer. I mean if possible all generations should be together witnessing this historic event. From Granny to down to the new born baby.

3. Food
You know no black event goes down without some good cooking. So if you can have someone prepare some baked mac n cheese, Collard greens, cornbread fried chicken and a sweet potato pie. I mean I know it's a Tuesday but this type of celebration only happens once in a life time.

4. Drinks
Put down that 40 or that cheap 10 bottle of Bacardi limon. Crack open the fine stuff get a nice fine wine from '73 or a good bubbly, I love my Andre's but tonight I think the moet will get dusted off for the big homie Barack. Even though it's a Tuesday and the majority of us have to work Wednesday Morning enjoy a nice drink with your friends and family, However you know if you ever been to a black gathering once the drinks start flowing the ......

5. Music

Now as most of you can tell Rap is my favorite musical genre but tonight I feel it's only appropriate that whom ever the DJ is where you are play that good ole funk music, that get you out your seat, cup/glass in your hand, spin around three times and clap music. I mean it is a celebration so we should play music that reflects that I mean "single ladies" and "she got a donk" are cool for Sasha's 23rd bday party but tonight time to break out that Good Good throwback funk music.

So with that Said Hope and Change Have finally arrived. I hope everyone enjoy's their night and spends it with the people who mean the most to them, I know I will.


Miss.Stefanie said...


JuJu said...

Yes; GO OBAMA!!! The world is changing and ONLY for the better!!!

Webb-the-man said...

where is the pics of you with the fresh collared shirt.....lol

Luxe said...

Haha I think the Obamas had that same kit! From the Inauguration attire(Michelle is so classy & I LOVE it!) to the music(the Inauguration Ball). I hope they'll continue to inspire everyone to be on their A-game, physically and mentally!

=Milli Millz= said...

yo Jayy.
You gota see the video i got of you wen we came to Henz block that nite.

cant wait 4 da summer yo.

JOFre$h said...

Obama definitely has me hype to see what the future has in store for us.

Webb: I got you b pics on the way lol

Luxe : I think obama might've read my blog

Millz: Worddddd Imma need that forwarded to me asap lol

Eb the Celeb said...

Pac was right... we weren't ready then but we are most definitely ready now. It came when it should and I cant wait to see the triumph he is going to have. No other black man that tried before him could have the impact that he is going to have. I look forward to seeing him succeed in the worst possible situation.

JOFre$h said...

Yeah hopefully obama can deliever lord knows we need it.