Monday, January 12, 2009

If you ain't got it, You AINT GOT IT


The sign pictured above is usually the 2nd place out of towner's go after they check in to their hotel. If you've never heard of the place located in Lower East side of Manhattan and it's famous for it's strip of "Sidewalk boutiques", the place is Canal Street. Here you can buy a "L.V Damier" handbag for $50 and matching "L.V" Scarf for $10. Now myself I've never owned anything fake and never plan on to, I live by a simple motto: If I can't afford it, I don't need it, simple. However I don't think many people get the gist of that. My biggest problem with NY'ers is that everybody is trying to portray and image, live in some fantasy world, where they appear to be something that they clearly are not. For instance every girl is so couture and Model status now but what they fail to realize is that there's nothing couture about spending your last $300 on a pair of Prada sneakers or not being able to afford $20 to get into a night club. Like seriously Ask yourself this question do you think Lauren from the hills or Vanessa or Angela would be buying these high class items if they had to come home to a section 8 apartment ?

Now there's this guys we will call him "Cool Dude". "Cool Dude" works at my job, average black male listens to rap, wear sneakers, appears to be fashionably hip to the latest trends, wear a lot of "Flashy" jewelry, Sounds good right? RIGHT? Just one problem all of it is FAKE. Now "Cool Dude" is not a bad person at all, I sometimes converse with the guy at lunch, we touch on random topics, From girls, sports, music and latest clothing, except he always try to down play others, Now myself I'm not the best dressed guy nor am I the worst, but I take pride in purchasing authentic items and never trying to be someone I'm not. However today I was very close to calling out "Cool Dude" on his FUGAZZI attire. I try to be a jerk, but it's just not in me at heart I'm a very kind person who seems to care about peoples feelings too much.

I understand in life we all want the finer things but why try to be someone your not and buy things you know and most likely the people who are up on fashion know are not authentic? Like how can you honestly hold your head high knowing you purchased a product that's not real to portray an image. I blame the movie stars, rappers and other socialites on this. People without the proper funds need to wake up and realize the people who have all of these finer things can actually afford them and you can't which is why you're wearing the knock offs and not the authentic things.

I couldn't finish off the blog without touching on these people too. Back in High School I had a friend we will call him "Har". " Har" and I were very close because we shared a mutual interest in clothes and music. So one day I asked "Har" why he never comes out with us on weekend "Har" Response was that "I like to get fly but I always spend my last on it", I looked at "Har" with a look of disgust but couldn't help but laugh in his face like wow , so you buy all these clothes to look good in school and come home to stare at the walls in your house in a new coogi or iceberg sweater. SMH

Last year I was friends with a girl we shall Call "N dot Baby". "N dot baby" was a very fashionable girl or at least I thought, "N dot baby" always knew about the latest designers and spent much of her conversations talking about them. So during one of our conversations I asked "N dot baby" why doesn't she buy some clothes from the designer's she seems to always be promoting "I would love to if I had the money" I wanted to scream at her say female-dog we would all love to buy things if we had the money but that doesn't mean we should spend every living moment talking about and promoting them.

It's 2009 people will wake up and realize in the end your image no one cares about, Unless your a soon to be superstar i doubt you will have paparazzi following your every move making sure you always have on the latest designer or ridiculing you on the E channel Just be yourself, Because in the end NO ONE CARES.

*Plays Kanye - All falls down*


Miss.Stefanie said...

Youre right image is nothing! I think the personality makes the image personally...does that make sense? Image is only hyped because of Hollywood. So sad people have to be something they aint. So sad people ahve to rip others off.

ajayoknows said...

thats really good stuff..

i mean. be true to yourself

if i meet one more hypebeast.
who only talks about what they can order and read off the internet.


check out the blog

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I think for many people all they have is their image, or thats what it seems like to them to maintain a certain status with others. If you see someone wearing something nice and getting attention your gonna want that too and try and find a way to get it. I agree that people should know their limits and save their money instead of spending all the time but we live in a culture that promotes being flashy and having expensive items. Although I know you cant blame everything on society because alot has to do with personal control and responsibility too.

Anonymous said...

this post was too funny. but i can agree with where you're coming from. it makes no sense to spend your last on fake designer ish. i would rather be called stupid for saving my money to get a real piece than get laughed at for rocking fake designer stuff. at the end of the day, someone should know their limit and be realistic about it. but then again i'm from the south so although fashion is important i don't think it's taken as serious as some up north people take it.

She's Gotta Have It said...

I was thinking about this topic the other day. Thank you for speaking on it.

People fail to realize that 10 years from now no one's going to remember them for the designer stuff they wore. Labels say nothing about one's character. It's so easy to spot fake stuff nowadays, so if anything, they'll be remembered for rocking non-authentic gear.

Tashur Raquel said...

ahhhhhhhh i HATE THAT! girls walkin down the block thinkin they're the shit with a fake Vuitton bag, fake Fendi glasses, and some fake coach shoes on. smh.
I'd just wait till i get the money to get the REAL shit. I like labels, I dont always wear namebrand stuff, but most of my clothing is name brands. I already feel good about myself, but having that makes me feel even better.

JOFre$h said...

I mean image is so fickle right now I think as one gets older should you really how other perceive you as long as your comfortable in your own skin. Do you really need a bag or a shoe to define who you are?

Kofi Bofah said...

All of this will die down with today's recession.

It's not "cool" to spend extravagantly right now. Even P. Diddy is cutting back on the bling.

As for Canal Street - I only cruise that area when I enter NYC from the Holland Tunnel. Other than that, I don't stop to pick up these knockoffs.

My clothes game is weak label wise - but I don't care.

I get more love in a $2.50 blazer from the thrift shop than any simp rocking a $3,000 suit.


Kofi Bofah said...

And you say you did not want to be a jerk about it.

But you might have been a better service to your man's life if you had of called him out...

100K said...

i cant stand a chick with fake gear fronting like that's the real shit. Never have never will. Soho especially is the part of NYC most guilty of this.

Sky's The Limit said...

I had a paper where the topic was "What is your opinion on the role of the multimedia and entertainment industry in shaping today's society?" and my answer was similar to what you wrote, how people are frontin and that the "american dream" has changed. Before people were satisfied with a job,car,home. Now people want more than one car, a damn mansion, and lots of money quick. However, it cant be all blamed on media, people have to take some fault too...

Super Woman said...

OK har is ....bugged out for buying stuff and cant afford a metrocard

N Dot baby, well i dont know there are alot of people who are fashion addicts they cant afford it now but maybe eventually they will so i dont really fault her. some people are addicted to fashion

However me? im not talking bout prada because prada aint talking about me I do talk about Hellz Bellz and MTTM alot but thats because i conversed with sarah and Lanie before and i mean ...its Hellz Bellz not too expensive

and what u said about NYers are so true. Before somebody tries to jump down my throat i am a brooklyn native raised in queens.

People do some of the dumbest stuff to keep up an image or stay up with the jones'

Ejemplo (Example) Ummm whats up with the hightop fades colorful pants and bright in your face clothing that people have deemed 80's? RE-DIC-U-LOUS! and tremendously ugly

Che Che said...

smh @ u wana be a jerk but you dont have it in your heart. that is a lie!!!!!!!!!! lmao you know damn well you call people out lol

but i definitely see where you're coming from with this. I hate when people buy the fake things as well because in the end it doesnt change your image. you can never fake who you are and people not notice. if you cant afford the finer things in life then get what you can afford and be happy about it because in the end there are so many people in the world that cant even afford the mediocre (hopefully i spelled that right) things that you can.

JOFre$h said...

I definitely agree with you che che