Sunday, January 4, 2009

Liar Liar

" I want the truth"
"Why can't you be honest with me"
"Tell me the truth, I won't get mad, I promise"
"God, I can't Stand Liars"
"I lie to you, cause I care about your feelings"

Since the dawn of time people have been lying, Hell my own race was lied to , thats why we're now called African- AMERICANS. Lying seems to be apart of every civilization, from high power political figures, lying about changes going to be made to economic conditions or the homeless man lying about the money he needs for food that will be used for some alcoholic beverage or illegal drug. As a civilization we've grown accustom to the 'white lie'. A 'white lie" can be defined as
an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite). I'm what you would call a Black-White liar, a black person who tells white lies all day.

Now there are different type of liars, the compulsive liar, the fronter and then the Black-white liar. The compulsive liar is by far the worst, a compulsive liar is someone who tell you they were in the twin towers the days of the 9-11, was burned and hit by the plane but still managed to make it from the 92nd floor to tell you their story. The fronter(which we all know) is the person who will lie to improve their self esteem or make their image greater than what it is, basically compensating for something that's missing from inside. Then you have the White liar, the person who lies to not crush people feelings or basically sugar coat things.

In the 1995 'cult' Classic "Liar, Liar" Jim carey plays an attorney who is basically what I am an white liar. Jim lied to everyone , everything all day just to help his day because his honesty would potentially ruin everything he worked for. Jim excuse for lying was that "I'm a lawyer, I'm supposed to lie" until his son made a wish on his birthday that he would no longer be able to lie. It definitely didnt work out in his favor, he said mean things and potentially dug a hole for himself.

My problem is I care too much about feelings, However last year I learned that I showed way too much love to people who potentially dicked me over in the end. I forgot who said this but I think it's an very appropriate quote "Show no love, Love will get you killed", However my task for this month is going to be not to tell any white lies and keep it as "Funky" as possible and see how many people are still talking to me, LOL I will keep you guys updated on the progress...


Kelis. said...

Everyone lies =[
me and my friend was just talking about this. she said she lies all the time and she doesnt know why. i think it's just getting to be a natural thing..sadly.

Mr. Jolla said...

Alonzo in Training Day to the rookie Hoyt...when he got to talking about dude's wife and shit lol...

But yeah...novel idea, let's see how that execution goes...

Kofi Bofah said...

Sometimes you can do more damage looking to preserve somebody's feelings by playing it cool.

You will have to drop the hammer on them eventually.

Ex: A female presses up on you and you do not want to hurt her feelings - so you play her sideways until she gets the hint. She may not get the hint and become a total nuisance. At that point you will have to let her know.

"Why?" she asks.

You: Weak excuse.
Her: Negotiating.
You: Drop the hammer.

Everyday Jane Dope. said...

Keep it funky Jordan!
For me personally, I lie to spare discussion. My patience is limited to none, a lie to get the other party to shut up and keep it moving.
White lies of course.
You just encouraged me to go watch Liar,'s been some time.

el, the high low life. said...

I dunno why I go around telling white lies sometimes either -- & it won't be about anything that is remotely important.

As far as lying to people, it eventually catches up w. you thats why its best to 'tell it like it is' -- some will hate you for it, but most will respect you for it. Truth hurts, some people just can't seem to handle it.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I mean if people take offense when you tell them the truth and stop talking to you maybe your better off...BUT if when your telling the truth in a mean way like "you know what I really hate your face!" lmao no j/k but like "those shoes are ugly!" then yea I would mad too ;)