Friday, January 9, 2009

How many is TOO many?

"Nah my dude I'm good, I don't want that P****y, Everybody hit that" - Random guy

Promiscuous girls are usually looked at as pops or slides. I guess it because woman are held to a higher regard than man with the way they go about their sexual dealings. A woman's body is usually looked at as a temple, in a spiritual way, heavenly like. So I guess with each sexual partner she has the value of the vagina seems to plummet. I myself wouldn't want a woman with more than 5 sexual partners, even 5 is high but as you get older you have to realize that a woman is going to encounter a lot of dudes and occasionally sleep with one of those guys. Let me present a hypothetical situation, In Middle School or High School she may have 1 partner, then college comes where she lets loose and has a modest 2 partners, already past the half way point to 5, then the woman bumps into the guy she thought she could never have 4 and they she meets you which makes 5.

"Ill girls he's a man whore, he'd f*** anything moving, hell even stuff that can't move"

Sexually active guys are usually looked at as pimps or "that dude", Not to incriminate anybody but hell even some of my dudes seem to be in a "rat race" to see who can get the most "bodies". With men our penis is like our special attribute. It's what "makes" us, it's pretty symbolic somewhat of a trophy. As a man myself I love mine and I'm pretty sure other male readers would agree with me. Since the majority of males start having sexual intercourse at a young age it would be difficult for me to conduct a hypothetical situation here goes on though. Young man meets girl in lets say 8th grade, has first experience then becomes hooked on the power of the p, so high school and college he racks up an addition 12 partners. The young man is now at 13.

So one day the young lady is out shopping and the young man so happens to be at the same location and they happen to "bag" each other. They chat with each other dig each others vibe, express feelings, share secrets, basically the whole scene is perfect. Until they each began to divulge into that closet to pull out the skeletons on their sexual history. The young lady swore she would never talk to a man who had more than 10 and the man swore he wouldn't talk to a lady with more than 5. Now I pose this question in this situation who is right? Should there a be limit on sexual partners? Should a partners PAST be an issue? I mean it is the past right.


100K said...

Chicks will ALWAYS lie about this IMO....i'd rather not ask..but in my case i ALWAYS find out..

.one of the chicks i'm fuckin' with said 5...she's attractive but i dont trust her/believe her anyway. talkin about taking sex importantly and only having sex with dudes she's in a relationship with. Yeah Right.

i'd rather be the nigga not to walk around with rose colored glasses at my discretion than to fully trust her and find out she had trains run on her and shit.

and females will tell you the BFs they had. Never the random sex they had with guy friends or the nigga they met in Miami. it is what it is.

Adwoa said...

Geesh! What's the big deal?!? At the end of the day male or female, both sexes have a sexual drive! We are human and sometimes its inevitable.

It's different if a female is just hopping around for sex..that is just whore-ish...What if this said female, hasn't been in long term relationships, therefore she has many short term ones and have sex with each partner?! Then what's the deal?

And given, in this day and age...a female in HS has definitely had sex with on average a good geez! 2 to 3 guys(don't site me on that's just so mixed!

Maybe the number should be raised?!?...heck idk!

Funny cuz my bf and I were having this convo the other day and he definitely said if I had had sex with more than (# to remain unknown) guys (which I hadn't), he doesn't know if we would be together. His reasoning? Kinda suxks knowing more than (# to remain unknown) had seen you that way before me!

hmm! great post tho!

JOY said...

Numbers matter to me because of STDs , the more partners you had the more you're at risk for one well that's the way i see it, therefore i guess getting tested together before we engage in any activity is the smartest move.
So if you tell me you had some odd partners girl or boy, no double standard I'm going to ask why so much, maybe it was in your past, maybe you made a bunch of mistakes, maybe you changed. So instead of placing judgment on you and not talking to you at all because of your high number I'll listen and try to understand.If it seems like you're a whore and always will be, then you're done for , simple as that.

My only issue is when ppl have the double standard and give men the benefit of the doubt and allow them to have higher numbers. I disagree men shouldn't be given that privilege nor should women for that matter.High numbers in general is a scary thing but i say don't prematurely judge ask about it, discuss it before jumping to conclusions and losing out on something potentially good. They are some good girls out there that prob had more than 5 partners hec more than 7 and they're by no means a whore.Like you said as we get older we meet more people.Also, they're may be a bit more experienced and isn't that good? lol

She's Gotta Have It said...

The double standard of this "how many" issue is one that will never go away.

I don't think the number of partners a woman has had devalues her vagina. A promiscuous girl or guy is one who gives it up to anyone who asks for it. You've got to be extra selective.

Let's say that a girl is 24 and has had 'long term' relationships that have only lasted one year since the age of 18. The relationships didn't last for various reasons (he moved, he died, he dumped her, she dumped him, they broke up amicably, he turned out to be gay, etc.) Presumably, she's had sex with each dude, because she was with him long enough to do that. Her number is 6 partners in her sexually active life. Does that make her a pop? No, it makes her a woman who enjoys sex, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sex is a wonderful thing. Dudes are so quick to label a female but they can stick their penises in anything with a hole and it is A-OKAY.

The higher someone's number is, the higher their chances are of having contracted an STD. I'd prefer if a guy had as low a number as I do (3 and I'm 22), but that number shouldn't really matter as long as he has a clean bill of health, stating that he has zero diseases.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Im with Joy

Che Che said...

I do think girls will always lie about this topic for the simple fact that they dont want to be looked on as a whore. But at the same time, men may lie about the situation as well whether they go higher or lower than the actual number of females they have been with.

There are times where I wonder about this very topic and I usually just feel that maybe the past should just stay in th past because sometimes the truth hurts your significant other and/or it causes arguments and its all over the past.

100K said...

same time, no one wants to be the significant other of a whore, male or's just that IMO, if a chick is a ho, a dude will smut her out if he knows...but i've seen females know dudes is hos and try to change them. and it backfires.

badly at that.

Mr. Jolla said...

^^100 K "Yo Kweli I agree I...was thinkin' the same thing myself..."

But yeah, this shit is the age old convo that's going nowhere...

Sad part is when both parties have been quite promiscuous, but are mad at the other's numbers lol...that's like arguing over who's the tallest midget: you're both still midgets. Now go get the booster chairs and shut the fuck up.

MsUnDerStooD said...

"value of the vagina plummets"-lmao thats hilarious but so true. and i agree women will ALWAYS lie about this for whatever reason. double standards just suck, and for a man's view of a woman to be tainted because of the amount of sexual partners shes had kinda sorta sucks. everyman wants to up his ante, but they wanna meet a girl that hasnt really been out there like that.. they want gurl afta gurl afta gurl...but wanna meet a girl that has had 2 sexual encounters? they wanna have their cake and eat it to clearly. maybe if men sleep with women responsibly, womens numbers may go down?

makes sense to me.. :applaud me:
heyy jordann!!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Your just making me "LOL" with the fact that dude who had like 12 partners said he wouldnt mess with a girl who had more than 5?...what!? lmao

At the end of the day its all up to the person and the number they are comfortable with. But I don't think its right for people to have a certain number of partners and then want their significant other to have a lower amount

JOFre$h said...

Joy you made a good Point, however I can't say that I copletely agree with you. Yes men should be held to a high standard , but shouldn't woman be held to a HIGHER Standard? I mean there is going to be no correct answer in this situation basically a lose-lose anyway you put it out. Unless each person is virgin and im sure somebody would still find a way to complain about that.

Kofi Bofah said...

5 for a woman?

Um er ah.

You may have been lied to, my friend.

Don't even ask.

Just run your background checks...

Gizmoton said...

It...doesn't matter because females stay lying. Though I can't front in my mind I'm already set that she has had more partners than I.

Gizmoton said...
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Super Woman said...

@Joy i understand numbers matter because of STD's but Why you worried about numbers when you should be reading papers looking at test results.

In this day and age thats what people should be doing (LOL i posted something about Diseases earlier)

I dont ask because i dont wanna know if we are about to divulge on a NEW relationship the past doesnt count unless he has something he needs to tell me about like perhaps a disease which i'll find out about because im not afraid to ask, or kids which ...will more than likely be something im aware of BEFORE i date a guy (Which means "Bagging" people is a NO GO for me we meet exchange numbers but technically im not your we're conversing over the phone THATS IT.

Anyway back to the question at hand ....Nah i wouldnt ask and i dont have a limit however im not having sex ever again because

1- i know guys dont like stuff like that

2- i view my body as a temple just like u said

3- i wanna get married and be able to rub my amazingly low "Body" count in his face (Im Kidding, But Serious)

4- I just dont want to have senseless meaningless sex i think it should mean something when u do it (Which get alot of stupid girls in trouble they make it mean something when it shouldnt....)

Hope i made sense i tend to ramble