Thursday, July 9, 2009

IPhone love hate

On June 19 I like many other fickle impusle buyers ran to their local AT&T store and purchased an iPhone. I had been eyeing one since it's inital release In 2007 but I was still infatuated with my blackberry so I stayed with the good people at research in motion. However with all the app comercials and viability I couldn't fight the urge any longer.

This phone is a beast of a device. The screen, response time and user friendly interface is amazing. However I was really disappointed in the lack of features on the so caled king of smart phones.

1.NO MMS seriously how can a phone with as many features as thing not have mms

2. Battery life the battery on the 3gs is horrible my blackberry would sometime hold up for a whole 16 hrs. However the iPhone if being used cannot withstand more than a good 6-7 hrs without needing a charge if using 3g and push notification hopefully with the update coming later this summer a strong battery will be enact

3. Service I know this isn't an apple problem more of AT&T however leaving verizon to come to AT&T was a big down grade and I'm very displeased with how weak the network is and I live in a major
city like new York so imagine if I was in chatanoga Tennessee

However for all these faults I'm Hanging in there because this is a special device and un matched on the smartphone market right now I only wish the storm was able to do what the iPhone is capable of doing and I wouldve kept my service who am I kidding I'm slowing become an apple fan boy


Lately I been under a lot of stress don't get me Wrong I love every moment I'm alive however at times the world can place a big burden on you where you just need to woo sa and take deep breaths I find myself doing that very frequently and it sucks.

Sometimes I wish people were more understanding and considerate of other feeling instead of always venting and bitching abt irrevelant things that don't help situations only make them worse.

Although it's summertime I'm having a ton of fun but when the alcholol is gone and my friends are gone Its back to that feeling that life is so crzy right now. Just so many emotions going through my brain I know this blog is eveywhere just needed a second to vent