Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aww what the hell let me bite the bait....

As you know many of your friends have done the post 25 random things about yourself on "Spy-book" so I decided I would do one as well. I feel if you read my blog you should know me pretty well, hell I'm not sure if anyone even cares but I shall post anyway to see if anyone interest levels goes up.

1.My Name is Jordan Holmes, I was named Cristopher Jordan Holmes for a whole 2 mins before my mother swiped it and left it at Jordan.

2.I love my mother to death, I have her named tattooed on me, but we don't get along at ALL :-(

3. I'm an only child so I was extremely spoiled growing up.

4. My favorite place in the world is Harlem, NY the weather and air seems so much different there

5. I had dreams of being a NBA superstar but I stopped growing, discovered girls :-/

6. I think Lebron James / Jay-Z are the coolest dudes on earth.

7. I'm sarcastic as hell, I seriously can't go a day without giving a smart remark

8. I'm scared of horror movies I still cover my eyes or turn away when the scary music increases in the films.

9. I think Ralph Lauren clothes are greater than anything.

10. Stephon Marbury is the greatest player to ever come from new york.

11. I think staten Island shouldn't be included as a city in NYC. You have to pay a toll to get there or take a ferry :-/

12. I've never left the country before

13. I used to think I was adopted cause I was so much different from my cousins when I was growing up

14. I've only seen my father maybe 5 or 6 times

15. My cousin Michael is the coolest person I've ever met.

16. Eva Pigford could have made me her love slave and I wouldn't have said a word

17. Monkey Bear is the only girl I feel I could ever love, if it didn't work between us, I would be a pimp with a heart as cold as December.

18. I wish I was born in the 60's to be apart of the black panther movement

19. I sometimes feel like I was born too late, I feel like I would've been better fit for the 70's.

20. I am terrible at saving money

21. I listen to an unhealthy amount of music, watch a ton of older dvd's(Mainly Blaxploitation films)

22. I call my mac book baby and dust/wipe her daily

23. I have times when I go into hibernation where no one will hear or speak to me for a few days I don't know why I do it I just do.

24. I am very giving yet very selfish. Does that even make sense.

25. I think New york city is the best place on earth I could see myself living
anywhere else.

Theres definitely a ton more, But I'm not going to be sitting here typing a ton of things. Hopefully this gave you better insight to the person behind the cheesy videos and off the wall post.


ABC said...

That's hilarious. Thanks for the new post idea.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Interesting :)

MsUnDerStooD said...
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MsUnDerStooD said...

you have like the coolest name, maybe i should change my name to Jordan... except ill spell it... Jordyn so you dont think im tryna jock ur fresh just a lil too much? lol

lmao @ Eva makin you her love slave..smh talk about self

aww at #17.. :(

I call my macbook Mckenzie!

allison veronica said...

your list was crazy. especially the mom thing.

100K said...

cosign 6 and 7

Luxe said...

I can relate to #7 & #24(and yes, it makes sense!)

Anonymous said...

nice post =)

fashion addict said...

loved the new post
madd dope <3

prettyinpink said...

harlem is wack....just thought u should know. =]
leaving the country needs to be an american citizen requirement.
sarcasm was my first language.
staten island needs to be on another planet fuck NYC exclusion.
hibernation is second nature...i can go days without uttering a single word. to one person.

very interesting tidbits.

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

7 - sarcasm sucks, my bf* is mr.sarDAMNcastic ugh

8 - thats so cute!

& 24? no hunn, it doesnt lol

kmx. said...

Ha, I love reading these!!
Thanks for following, I'm lovin your spot!!

Me and you have somethng in common lol (#7)
Take care!


Mr. Jolla said...

man...agreed on alot of this shit, even the moms joint (sans the tat)...only thing I can't co-sign for is not ever leaving the country and the New York love-fest transpiring in this

JOFre$h said...

Thx for the replies everyone.

Lyrik Marie said...

#11 .. You gotta pay toll to get there ..

JOFre$h said...

Yeah lyrik that pretty much sucks big balls

Lyrik Marie said...

#5 Discovering girls = [positive]

#11 U have to pay toll .. lol ..

#2 I tattooed my moms name as well [on my ankle] and me && her fight like there is no tomorrow .. SMH