Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Spring is usually the time when most guys dead their wifeys, Summer is usually when all the monkey's come out, fall is when you do just that fall back and winter is when you cuff. Hm mm How can one define cuffin', basically when you give up the game and fall back with that special person for a season only to dead them at the beginning of the spring. Now if your a female reading this and you see your mate or his friends say that he's cuffing you be alarmed, actually be very ALARMED. I'm a vivid away message reader when I'm on jive talk, simply because I'm black, which means I'm extremely NOSY. So it's always comedy when I see people like oh cuddled up with hubby or spending QT with hubby blah blah, all the while thinking to me wasn't YOU the same person with an away MSG similar to this "Love stinks, I give up on all males tired of trying" From the month of March through October. Now lets take a look at the different variations of cuffin', Cuddling, Quality Time and the L- Word.

This right here should be the first red flag, if all of sudden dude wants to hold you close and watch Sex in the city re runs and nibble on your ear, you should be a little concerned. You should definitely ask yourself why wasnt this negro holding me like that in the summer and if he responds its too hot, isn't that what Air conditioners are for. But the ultimate sign is after that climax is if you get pulled close then you should say I'm definitely getting cuffed.

Quality Time
Him : Whats up what you doing
Her : Nothing watching Bad girls club
Him: You wanna' come chill, go do something?

*Alert, Alert, Alert, Alert, Alert, Alert, Alert*
Honestly like c'mon if you've dude have never done anything more than sit on his bed and watch old martin season dvd's then get it on that should raise a flag


Love isn't a word that shouldn't be spread around like some germs, but it definitely is. How can a dude love you after 3 weeks and then suddenly dump you as soon as the weather changes.

I made this blog because I hate to see people be so naive in thinking that a relationship can change over the course of a 2 week span, How can you be so deeply hurt by a person then be madly in love, if you know anyone that YOU may think is a victim of cuffin point them in the direction of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Genius... classic.. i luv it

JOY said...

lmaoo this is soo funny.I <3 you j.o!

Santasia said...

lol so true and yet people still fall for it

fashion addict said...

lmao true true
madd lovee

p.s. thanx for being a follower
how are u?

A Genius said...

WORD! But "It's hot" is a valid excuse lol...

Amanda Allison said...

Well thank God I've never heard my man say that! I'm gonna pass this on to some of my girls. Good looking out! ;)

JuJu said...

haha i like this blog..

Kofi Bofah said...


And you are in New York. You don't even know about TRUE Winter Weather.

Let me put you onto the scoop from the Windy City:

1: In the winter, you don't even know what anybody looks like - because everybody is covered up. Nobody is hollering at these females if you can only see their eyes on the street.
2: It is too cold to stop and talk to anybody.
3: Nobody feels like going anywhere, anyway in 0 degree temperatures.
4: There is too much snow, ice, and salt on the ground for women to be out looking cute.

Chicago Players Shut it Down from November to April. All Chicago veterans recognize that the team, or girlfriend must be installed BEFORE November!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

hah, I loved this! You know a girl read this and wished she had it last year! lol

MZ FANTASTiiK said...

lol so0o0o0 true!!

Anonymous said...

lmao...this dates back to our coby days lol

cnelz said...

lmao jo lmao and no lie stop cuffing that bitch just came on while i was reading it lol.. smh but it is true