Thursday, December 11, 2008

The ghetto life

Ghetto this, Ghetto that! honestly what's so good about the motherfucking hood? I'm a product of this rotten place, that many people consider heaven, honestly I would trade a lot to be a surbuban kid living in a nice town house or a gated community. Everyday I walk out my crib and wonder why do people admire this place so much. It's nothing like how the music videos or rap songs potray it to be, no glamorous woman walking around with stilletos heels, or mabachs parked on every block or thousands of dollars falling from the sky. The "hood" is like hell, mostly miniorites all struggling try to make the best of life with what little we are given. The reason I made this blog is because it's cool to appreciate where u come from, I just cant understand why some people (mostly the younger genration of black people) are happy with mediocrity, it's like get a pair of $300 sneakers, expensive designer jeans and cool chain and whip and park it in front a tenement is success(WTF).I understand that growing up in the "hood" we are deprived a lot, but AINT SHIT cool about being hood rich, because Hood Rich is basically broke, a ton of material possessions with shit to show for it, I mean think about how many fads have passed over the years or how many "hot" cars have been out.

It's like a bunch of crabs in a bucket here, as you try to rise to the top theirs nothing but negative people trying to throw you down forget about pulling. Not to mention theres nothing to do here but get in trouble, theres no malls, movie theaters,dave n busters, JACK SHIT to do but get drunk or high. As I cruise through my hood I see nothing but corner stores, chinese food spots and liquor stores now tell me how a young kid growing up can survive in an environment like that.

Let's not even mention the school system, it's not that parents don't care about their kid in school, its that our own damn Government could care less about little Terrel or shanique in the inner city when Johnny or Sarah in that nice middle class family needs that funding more for their schooling correct? In school it was so bad that we didn't even have enough text books to accommodate all the kids , so teachers came up with "group work" if your not familiar with "group work" it's basically where 5 or 6 kids get in a group to share ONE text book to do class assignments, now tell me how can a slower kid learn in that environment if he's paired with a smarter child who picks up on things faster than the slower kid and the slower kid is lost, however that slow kid is still "good" because they have a no child left behind policy, mean that no matter how bad you are in class and do on your statewide exams you will still be promoted to your next grade.

It only gets worse from there I wont touch on the Problems with pregnancy or the amount of weaponry that's flooded the community, or the amount of drugs moving through the slums daily. Everyplace has their problems its just seems like this place is overly glorified when honestly theres not too much if any to glorify here.thoughts?


Everyday Jane Dope. said...

I personally believe people self medicate by glorifying the hood. A coping mechanism, we all want to fit it. The hood however doesnt have to be a dead end, yea our schools aren't up to par and yea the liquor store is but a 2 minute drive away but nothing mandates our patronage. Supplying them with business is a decision we make on our own. Not to mention the fact that the biggest problem in schools is not what THEY lack but what's lacking at home. Schools may not have the latest edition textbooks or laptops but programs such as Teach for America or Teaching Fellows take recent college grads who must have a least a 3.4 or 3.5 and place them in these locations. The school has an abundance of resources, you the student must seek it out. The teacher can do it alone, parents have the tendency to treat school like daycare, a way to rid themselves of their little munchkins for however long... it's a joint effort, a partnership.
I've lived in Canarsie and the depths of Crown Heights, I never hung out in front the building or in the stairwells and i'd like to believe I came out exceptionally oww. It's not about the environment as much as it is about the household. The hood is merely a location, the mentality is the lifestyle.

Everyday Jane Dope. said...

The teacher CAN'T do it alone*

allison veronica said...

Honestly, it's crazy. First of all, I have to say this post was def on point.

It's hard for me to think about the hood and institutional racism sometimes cuz I seriously feel like it's hopeless. The cycle is crazy. I def wouldn't say that I lived in the hood but I def lived close by and thanks to mom and her crazy trini strictness, I didn't get caught up in the bs. Unfortunately, my brother was not so lucky. He wanted to do what he wanted and she couldn't stop him. He went to great schools but at the end of the day he chose to hang out in front of the corner store. And I can't solely blame him even though he is def responsible. There's something bigger than that. He had everything at home but the streets are where he wanted to be. I can't wrap my mind around it. He thought the streets were cool. He thought that his friends were gonna get him everywhere. Obviously, that didn't work out.

Basics: Young Black people need to be educated, whether it's in the home or at school, just somewhere.

Kofi Bofah said...

You speak Truth.

JDUB said...

i grew up in the hood, still live in the hood. i was exposed to crack at a very young age (7 or 8), and learned how to do a lot of shit that I didn't have any business doing. one thing i realized that many of my peers didn't was that there was something else out there. i used to read national geographic, and read about how people lived in places like iceland and new zealand. that helped me focus to do something more than what was going on around me.

i was naturally inquisitive, spoke correct english, but had frequent fights with ignorant niggas who said i talked "proper", because I enunciated, and didn't dumb myself down for other people.

my peers prided themselves on being from 23rd and Wolfe, crip this blood that, but I never needed a gang or a hood to validate myself. i kept my face in a book, and stayed on a basketball court if i wasn't in school.

if parents don't whip their kids, and they don't teach them shit, they get stuck with a crab mentality, because they don't know any better, and don't have an example to show them. they get their priorities fucked up, and the focus becomes impressing other people rather than moving out the hood.

"what you base your happiness around? material, women, and large paper. that means you inferior not major"

--Nas, "No Ideas Original"

Anonymous said...

I feel you @ "Everyday I walk out my crib and wonder why do people admire this place so much."

Great Blog!

Che Che said...

This was a great blog and I often wonder the same question. It does seem that people feel they have succeeded in life when they do get the materialistic things but they fail to realize that there is so much more out there in the world. When thinking about the school system, I agree that it isnt solely the teacher's responsibility to educate the child, but it is also the parents and relatives. But it is also the responsibility of that individual because at the end of the day it is yourlife. One should always want more than what their parent has had. A parent should always want their child to have more than they had or have at the moment. Your parent should be a role model but in the end your parent always feels there was more they couldve done to have better and you have to be the proof out there and make yourself as well as your parents proud and be able to want the same for your children in the future. You should never be satisfied at where you at but always strive and crave for more.

Simply Sweet said...

This is a great post, and Che Che said it best "Your parent should be a role model but in the end your parent always feels there was more they couldve done to have better and you have to be the proof out there and make yourself as well as your parents proud and be able to want the same for your children in the future." My mother didn't have much, she still doesn't, but she busts her ass off ever day, working 16 hrs a day to provide for me and my brother to be the best we can be. In the end, it has to come from yourself to want better, it has to be your mind set. I know I want better, which is why I strive to do well in my school work, I try to establish all of the contact I can get. The hood shouldn't be glorified, and residents in the hood should want more, want a better education, a better bed to sleep in. It has to come from within.