Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Uncles are very important to young males, not for the often random drunkeness spoken to you about females in their hay day, not for the cheaper to keeper statements about dealing with your ol' lady , not even for the $20 everytime his "boat came in" when he hit the pick 4 for a couple of dollar's, but for the role model provided in your life at a time when you need a male figure to talk to. My grandmother had 5 kids two girls and three boys, now if your smart that means I have three uncles, two of which I'm not too particually fond of however I still love them because they have always been there for me. However my uncle black( real named Devon, nick named black boy because he was a darkskin dude like myself) is the man. I say this because although a southern boy , born in Alabama but raised in the city in the latter part of his life, you would never never tell he was a country bumpkin, he walks with such a swagger and is as smooth as a baby bottom. My uncle has always been one to keep the family rolling with his crazy antics at family gathering and has the liquor tolerance of a elephant the man can drink a good 8 budweisers and still not be in regular state. I honestly don't know why I made this blog other than to say uncles don't get the appreciation they should. Mothers and fathers have a national day, its time we give the uncles of the world a little appreciation. A lot of times its your uncle who you speak to about the things you can't speak to parents about and 99% of the time they are cooler than your aunts, not to say my aunts are corny, because they aren't, but my uncle is that dude. So with this blog I dedicate it to my uncle and the other uncles around the world 8-)


JDUB said...

uncles are especially important to black males, because alot of us don't have fathers, and mom's brother is the closest thing we had to a father. props to my uncle for teaching me how to change my oil, roll a blunt, and not trick off on a bitch, all in one day.

Anonymous said...

As a Uncle who goes and picks up my nephew from my sister because his Dad isn't around I appreciate the post. I didn't have a male figure in my life so I try to make sure my nephew isn't stuck without having someone to talk to about girls, drugs, sex, and overall life in general. I taught him how to drive a car and overall do what I can to be his Uncle. It's good to know maybe he'll appreciate it later in life because sometimes he can be a asshole.