Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Generation Y Daddy

Generation Y, sometimes referred to as "Millennials" or "Net Generation", whose birth years range anywhere from the second half of the 1970's to around the year 2000, depending on the source, grew up in the 1990s and 2000s

As I read this invitation from one of my good friends baby showers it dawned on me that Damn we're getting really old. It feels like just last summer we were all on "the Block" up to no good, actually it was last summer. It lead me to think that three of my main dudes are now fathers now, which is truly a blessing. It also brought me to this point will the generation Y daddy be better then the our father and our fathers father. While all indications are leading me to yes, I'm still unsure about our generation young males. The majority of them are scared to dream and the ones who dream are scared to chase those dreams, so if your scared to do that how can you be a parental figure to a infant and better yet be a role model. I pray that this Generation's "daddies" are better because honestly a lot of our fathers weren't around if around didnt take the time to understand us and raise us the way we should have been raised. Myself I was raised by strong African-American WOMAN My mother Cindy, Grandmother Lucy, Ma Ella and my aunt carol. My father was M.I.A in this whole process and I think I turned out to be a DAMN GOOD LOOK, Honestly I can't sit here and say that it doesn't pain me each and everyday that my father wasn't around or I had no male figure to call when I wanted to have sex for the first time, or come to my AAU basket ball games but I guess everything happens in life for a reason. I think the mental damage from being raised in a single parent household can scare one for life,EASILY. Most of the kids I grew up around were basically in the same situation as I, however the few that were lucky enough to get their huxtable on, I was extremely jealous of, for the simple fact I WANTED that. However as I blossom from young adult hood to a man I realize that when presented with the blessing of having a child(god willing) I wouldn't want to miss a single moment of that child's life. I look at my friends who are fathers and see that although the majority of them are not where they would like to be in their life, they still do what they HAVE to for their children, that's the way it should be. Although this generation we were presented with a lot at an early age, growing up with many advantages our fathers didn't have, technology, money etc etc it make it easier for us to realize what should and has to be done to raise the future leaders of this country. Now in no way shape or form am I ready to be daddy J.O yet I know I would definitely be the man that my child needed to raise him/her up to be the best they can be. Thoughts?


Kofi Bofah said...

80's baby checking in. I have been meaning to get to this topic for some time. Gen X'ers have a lot of concerns and problems to deal with:

9-11 Tragedy
Inflated Housing and Education Costs
Elimination of manufacturing jobs
Broken Homes
The 80's' / early 90's crack-cocaine epidemic

That about sums it up. Our primary benefit is the gradual expansion and acceptance of the Civil Rights movement.

Webb-the-man said...

I feel that it is sad dat a person can make a child and disown them. I'm about 2 have my 1st child. Nothing my shorty could ever do 2 make me not want 2 be part of that chids life. I know when ur time comes u gonna step up. And as far as half these lazy niggas in our generation you don't roll in the same boat as them. You got goals and ambition my nigga, real recognize real

A Genius said...

Good shit, fam. I was raised by both parents, same house...all that. It just struck me earlier this year when I was going through my friends of how many people didn't have their fathers there. It was crazy to me. only one other friend was raised with their father.

I can't understand it for the life of me. I mean, I understand from a very basic level...but I don't. I want kids, but I don't want a baby mother. It all comes back to alot of other shit you post about on here. But there's NO WAY I'm not going to be there.