Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's ALMOST that time of year, AGAIN!

As you drink that last bottle of sdevka, take that last drag of nicotine, have sex with that last male/female or cut off that person in you life you can stand anymore, yup it's New Years Resolution time. Ever wonder why every January 1 you see an abundance of Jenny Craig, weight watchers or NYC Smoking hot line commercials? I'll tell you why its because a bunch of JOKERS(myself included) Every year on that day compile a list of things that they are "Going" to do to make themselves better or the year better than the last. Honestly a resolution is a CROCK of BULLSHIT by the third week of the new year you've already abandoned that new gym membership or gone to see "Ak" at the corner store for that fresh pack of stogies. This year I'm not going to wait until until the 1st of the year to compile a list of fallacies i won't even think about by Jan 10th. I decided to be honest with myself this year a compile of list of things I need to get done this year to make myself better and enjoy 2009 more than I did 2008(I loved this year A LOT.)

Everyone considers themselves responsible, even I do, yet at time I'm a slacker and a huge procrastinator. I would like to be more organized in all facets of my life, Socially ,Financially, Time management, Love wise, Spiritually and Fashion. For the last few years I been placing the blame on a lot of my problems on others, when realistically the majority of MY problems have come from my poor decision making,so I definitely need to take more accountability for my actions. All of these things are easily obtainable, I need to cut out the negatives within each thing I listed and tackle each one head on and that would put me on the good foot.


I found out who my true friends were this year and I realized that these are the people with whom I've chosen to form my circle with. I'm a very friendly person and naturally a people person, whoever I seem to attract a lot of good people who do negative things or seem to have negative agendas, I'm not a little boy anymore and I can't get involved with poor decision that can harm myself or family, mostly me though.

Now I must've been under a cave because I just found out Wednesday Heath Ledger was dead while watching The Dark Knight, this can be attributed to my "hectic" schedule or me just not being in the know. I realized I spend a lot of time doing BS and not keeping up with the current events around me which is very sad, I have all these global devices yet I'm not using them to their capabilities.

In conclusion tomorrow is the day where I will begin all of the things listed, Wish me luck !

Nothing to do with the blog just hype that I met freeway:


JOY said...

Cool, I like that list.I can honestly admit to being a "joker".Every year I say I'm going to lose 10 lbs but instead I just gain 15 ha ha ha.

Everyday Jane Dope. said...

Eyo, Freeway is an ugly nigga lol. Jordannnn, I keep seeing pictures of you everywhere and I miss your face. Please hang out with me lmfao! (seriously tho)

JDUB said...

i need that Orlando jacket that Henz got on...