Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4th <<>>

Brooklyn, NY is often the setting for a lot of crimes and immense poverty, However the same place that claims many lives some innocent and some well not so innocent is the birthplace of many modern day "Heroes", Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Christopher Wallace, Stephanie Mills, Marie Tyler Moore, Eddie Murphy, Kimel Watts and Shawn Corey Carter. If you've never been to Brooklyn the setting is somewhat surreal, from the newly found construction, to the Newport/car smoke that fills the already crowded streets to the Spanish bodega that sits amongst many corners while heavily stacked tenements(Called "Projects") lurk in the background, This could be the scene of any inner city in America, it's not it's Brooklyn which is a city inside itself. In the midst of all this animation I just described a young man was born in one of those tenements in one of the rougher parts of the Brooklyn community, Bed ford Stuyvesant area. The young man grew up in a single parent household, after his farther left him, which is the case for so many young man today. The young boy enjoyed school, however as you grow older in adolescent years your peers force the unnecessary materialism on you, so that young man who liked school dropped out of the traditional schooling system to pursue a degree in the school of hard knocks. The streets are funny sometime while pursuing that street knowledge many don't follow the rules and get sent to detention(Jail or Hospital) while some get expelled (Death). That young man saw either and was one of the more successful students, he was able to overcome the obstacles placed in front of him and able to switch careers which many don't see in the streets. The young man made the transition from the streets to Entertainment business. I say business because the young man had hopes of someday becoming a billionaire, Now the young man I speak of hasn't become a billionaire yet but we have watched the success and shall continue too.

Happy Birthday Shawn Carter, Jay-z AKA Young HOV <<>>


100K said...

Hova da God!!!

HBD to my idol (pause)

Kofi Bofah said...

I thought Melo was from Baltimore.

And Brooklyn always wants to claim Jordan. He was born there - but he grew up in Wilmington, NC.

Well, if I was from BK, I'd be claiming MJ and Melo too though.

Everybody should experience NYC...

Amanda Allison said...

I love Hov. The greatest rapper alive!!

I cant wait to go back to BK when I'm in NYC next year. Thanks for following, take care.