Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is America becoming too soft?

Thoughts on America trying to sugar coat everything. From Kids sports to Television. Thoughts?

VLOG coming later.


Miss.Stefanie said...

I hate when people sugar coat shit--- just get to the point...check out my blog--you got an award!!

Anonymous said...

hmm..good question. idk, I think the softness is gradually going away. I watch the mighty b on Nickelodeon sometimes & I think it has undertones of Rocko, Daria, etc. but then my cousin watches the disney channel and my mind suddenly changes -____-

I guess it all depends on what you watch. & do you mean America getting soft in general? or with kids?

Dani B. said...

America likes to tip toe around shit and not get to the point, as well as sugarcoat things. Just come real with it.

And yeah, I was talking about Sylvia's in Harlem. Now I REALLY can't wait to go! lol, thanks.

Sweet.Anger.Angel said...

america acts real BITCH-LIKE sometimes.
claims to be liberal COUNTRY but can't even open up about SEXUALITY & SHXT THAT MATTERS LIKE THE ever-present RACISM we try to pretend has been eradicated. hmph!