Monday, May 25, 2009

NYC Nightlife

Me: What's good boy?
Henz: Aint shit! You coming to the party tonight?
Me: Yeah, I'm in there
Henz: 8-)
Me: Who going?
Henz: Me, Webb, Skate, Reem, Junez
Me: Say No more, going to suit up now

Now that might be a weird conversation to most but
that's how me and my friend talk before we get ready to hit a party or event. However every time there comes that moment of realization that I don't really want to go. Your sitting there saying why wouldn't you want to go. Well 1) monkey doesn't like when I party 2) Most parties are the same, Same music, Same crowd, Same people, Same vibe 3) I usually go home with an empty wallet and a stain on my polo or kicks smudged :-/
I like partying with my friends because when all of us are together
theres nothing like it. Liquor flowing, all of us dancing, blackberries out "Networking" and everybody just escaping the BS of the day to day grind for a few hours. However NYC parties make you not want to go to them.

In case you haven't noticed NYC is the Fashion Mecca of the world, so that means every NYC resident is a CERTIFIED fashion guru or so it seems. At parties you usually Find two groups of People The "Overly trying to Hard" or "The Right Now Crowd". Lets classify, Overly trying to hard are the people who rock a "mink", "$1000 hat", "$10000shirt", "$30000 watch" and
prada sneakers, this person usually plays the wall all night looking extra cool not wanting to ruin there expensive garments and does not want to be bumped in an overly crowded environment :-/ "The right now" is a person Who have on every designer that is cool right now and wearing all of them at the same time, "Keri Hilson Hair cut", "Plaid Shirt", "Big Door Knocker earrings" "Star tattoos in place" "booty shorty like beyonce" "Heels" and "Louis vuitton Damier Hand bag" To fly to dance and way advanced to be spoken too :-/

Ballers are people who do it big in every spectrum of life big house, big car, big bank account however in NYC complete opposite. Section 8 apt, Hoopty and no bank account yet 2 bottles of rose moet and the latest designers, In every picture to show that he was able to afford a bottle that cost more than your paycheck knowing that he wont be able to eat or go out because he spent his whole check on a bottle :-/

as usual NYC is overpriced with anything I remember spending 40 to get in a club one time and didn't even get a complimentary drink, picture, coat check or anything. Not to mention if I drive I have to pay for parking, then my coat, then wait in line only to dish out 40 bucks then when I get in the party and want to enjoy myself I have to spend 10-20 dollars on a cup that is watered down and filled with a ton of ice and only a little liquor :-/

All in all NYC parties are OK, However DO NOT BELIEVE the hype. If you don't believe me check You know dead
azz wrong and you will see what I'm talking about.


lalaliybean said...

lol this is SO true about the NY party scene. i'm surprised you didn't mention the thirsty hoes/gold diggers who like to stand next to the dudes who got bottle service hoping to get a nigga who maybe knows someone famous. smh.. i'm starting to feel like if you seen one party, you seen 'em all.

Lyrik.Marie.Simmons said...

lmfaooo .. I haven't done all the partying in the world .. [Im only 17] .. But I've partied enough to know that you aren't lying .. as said in the song ..

I pull up at the club V.I.P
My gas tank on 'E'
But all dranks on me ..

Niggas aint got no money to pay they light bill .. but insist on buying a gucci hat for 3 sumthin dollars ..

smh ..

moral of the story - dont spend more than you make

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the comment above, I'm only 17 and the closest thing relatable are those school parties / teen bash things.

& in all reality it's like a vicious circle of overplayed "club bangers" and everyone attempting to stunt on each other.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Never been part of the NYC Or L.A party scene...

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I have more fun at hse parties each time I come to NY. My impressions of the NY club scene aren't that favourable.

100K said...

True story J...

Industry parties are the WORST. I dont even party like i used to because 1.) i naturally have a short attention span and 2.) shit gets corny after a while.

I'll go to a album release party if I like the artist (ie Meth/Red's jumpoff @ Greenhouse last Tuesday) but I usually dont like hanging around snobby chicks and frontin' dudes.

I just like being regular, relaxed and chilled. Not to mention, I cut back on drinking because I like to be in control of my environment and able to assess situations...

Them golddggin hoes who come out when the bottles come are somethin' else.Word to the Hiro Ballroom. Once you do one party, you do em all in NYC.

xxxx said...

you are absolutely right the only time you really get your money worth in ny is during new years eve... thats it...its worth the 40 or 50...cause they be having drinks all night but thats it.

asia kismet said...

never been into the partying seen but NYC does have wonderful art exhibits...:)

Kofi Bofah said...

Yup, NYC cost of living is crazy.

6 figures and you may barely be scraping by in the Tri-State...