Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mass Hysteria.

I'm sure Ms. Badu New she would make an impact when she decided to Bare all in her new music video. I'm not sure if any of us be it bloggers, twitterians fans social media junkies as a whole knew the impact that this video would have. I myself Am not the biggest Erykah badu fan, I've found some of her work "too strange" and far out there for my liking. However as you grew older you want to expand your mind and learn to appreciate different genres of music. With that being side I gave Erykah's Latest LP, New Amerykah Part II(Which is in stores today) a chance and I was blown away. The video Expresses many issues that I think are irrelevant in today teachings, We are scared to evolve with times, If not traditional(safe) Most are afraid, Most of all masses fear what they don't understand. With that said enjoy the video, for those of you who were under a rock and didn't see it yet.


ChoColAte KiSs said...

You can read what I wrote on this on my blog...no need to retype my thoughts

JOFre$h said...

I completely understand your P.O.V

ash. bunnie. said...

I absofreakinglutely love the song. Her album is pretty good too. Always liked Erykah, a bit strange but i respect her artistry. She's authentically strange. And it doesn't hurt that her body is impeccable, after kids w/o surgery.