Tuesday, March 30, 2010


NOTE: This is an old post in which I had to delete due to about 90% of the comments being spam.

Privacy - The state of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people

In life how much privacy do we really have? My guess would be slim to none. Mostly everything you do in life is documented from medical records to Grades. Once we sign up for a Social networking site such as this twitter, facebook we basically forfeit all that privacy, we are basically saying hey world look at me interact with me, so how can one complain about privacy?

What we do we feel when our privacy is violated and you say I need to basically have somethings to myself do we turn off our Internet service, Cancel cell phones plans, remain solitude in our rooms from the world?

What aspects in your life should remain private thoughts? Feelings? Emotions? Fears? Devices?

What do you do when in a relationship and all of those are forced to be exposed to your partner and if you decline you are hiding something, is our life as private as we want and how can we go about getting it back to such even living in a world where we feel the need to be connected so much?


Lyrik Marie said...

you tell people exactly what you want them to know ...

thus, people will only know and formulate judgments of you based on what they know ..

what people to think/speak high of you -- it starts by what you tell them !!

Anonymous said...

This was deep! It has me thinking. I forgot how well you can write. It's been in a minute J.O. :-/