Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Can't tell me Nothing"

In the summer of 2007 Rapper Kanye West and label mate Young Jeezy teamed up for a Hood-Pop inspired anthem titled, "Can't tell me nothing". The song was about basically the struggle versus ultimately coming into the wealth and superiority you would possess. However this song has been like my official anthem, No the lyrics aren't ground breaking, Beat isn't phenomenal however this is that song where you close you eyes and imagine the artist is speaking directly to you.

2008 was a great year for myself, however also a very depressing time for those around around me, although the impact of the recession didn't shine through last year, this year in 2009 it's basically slapping me in my face. As I grind hard each and everyday working hard for the small necessities in life while also striving to obtain the other worldly material possessions I find myself singing "Wait till I get my money right".

I've also been an avid believer that money can't solve all problems but it will come close enough. We wake up everyday go to work, school, sell drugs, whore ourselves, enjoy boring water cooler conversations, laugh at corny jokes from even cornier bosses, fetch coffee, assist clueless customers, wear shoes too small, tight khaki pants, a boring "power suit", ride public transportation, sit in hour long traffic, get squished into a small space for a long ride, spend 8.00 on a nasty deli sandwich, refill metro cards, all for that MIGHTY green dollar.

It makes me wonder what percentage of us feel like Money is the all to be all in life. I myself have a great family around me, friends, good head on my shoulder, however with all that money will secure everything in life. Basically if you read through anyone blog the underlying tone in any personal rant is the monetary issue. In America status is measured by wealth, you see that everyday when you step over the bum laying on the subway, Joe the bum could be cooler than let's say Jay-z but because Joe is broke and a bum , he is deemed less of a man and Jay-z is a god like figure because he has accumulated weatlh.

"I was the one back in the day always talkin' about how I love the hood..
I love the ghetto.I was the one sayin' I wasn't the kind of nigga to run to the suburbs You're right,
that's what I said,
But as soon I got my check I Was GONE" - Uncle Elroy

I often wonder if my actions would resemble that of Elroy, if ever paid,
I don't mean belligerently ignorant like gold floors or teeth made of rare diamonds,
of running to the suburbs and forgetting everyone I grew up with because I made some money.
Everyone loves money and I especially do ,
living in times like this it make you wounder how much you would change or how different life would be if your money was right.


Luxe said...

This reminded me of another Kanye lyric(from Good Life), "Having money's not everything, not having it is."

I think a lot of people go by the C.R.E.A.M. philosophy, we always want the next best thing. And that's not necessarily bad.

I'm not going to lie though, if I came upon a large sum of money I would act a fool(out of sheer joy)...just in the privacy of my own home. I wouldn't change or abandon anyone though. Actually, I keep a mental list of the people who have put up with me & have helped me a lot though rough times, so that when the tables turn...I can help them out & then some.

Sweet.Anger.Angel said...

i was just thinking the other day about how i would be much HAPPIER without MONEY problems. i am happy but without the constant stress of money, i would NO DOUBT have a permanent smile fixated upon my FACE.

100K said...

"They say money aint everything, you fuckin' right nigga/ It's the only thing, In God we trust, a holy thing..."-Shyne

no exactly...but close.

alexis b. ™ said...

money is everything; and it's every other thing.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I think if I got money I would have to move just because I might fall into bad habits due to the people around me :( sounds bad but I think it's true. I would try and help out the people in my community though I wouldn't just leave them high and dry...or I would try my best not to lol

JOFre$h said...

Luxe: I have same point of view as you, I would want to try and help everyone.

Sweet: I'm glad you enjoy my blog it means a lot to me.

Figure: I'm scared of that as well.