Friday, March 6, 2009

Passanger Etiquette

"Damn, Watch out you almost hit a truck"
"Hey, J.O can you turn the radio down!"
"Slow down you drive like a mad man"
"You know you can take the belt to cross island parkway to get there quicker"

If you've done almost any of the above things, You couldn't ride with me. I was a passenger for 16 years of my life before getting my own ride. I always asked If could put in a request for a song, roll down the windows, offer input on direction giving, shout at the driver for there driving techniques. I tell you, the passengers of today aren't how they used to be, Loud cell phone talking, Manually changing the radio, smoking, asking for door to door drop offs, I swear the game has changed majorly.

"Beggers can't be choosers" That's always a quote I lived by not today, it seems like beggers want to choose and navigate. My cousin jay might be the worst, every time he gets in my cars he adjust the seat to the invisible man, open the CD wallet throws in max b, fires up a new port and kicks back Like hes in the comfort of his own personal limo. Now I might bitch and be like "son you wilding" and he will chill, but I'm not the type to go absolutely hard. I like to make people feel comfortable and sometimes people get way too comfortable.

Let's discuss the top 5 P.E
5) Conversation - If the driver is not willingly open and having a full fledged conversation with you threes no need for you to break your neck and make up the most random conversations that come into your mind, Heck the driver is driving and need some concentration, hell silence is golden, so kick back enjoy the tunes on the radio and most of all enjoy the ride.

4)Clean Shoes - I can't stress how much I hate people who bring their dirty kicks and mess up your freshly cleaned floor mats. Just like back in the day when u wiped down your shoes before entering your home you should have the same courtesy when getting into someone car. Don't be afraid to do the heel click before getting in, trust me the driver will be very happy and pleased to see that.

3)Eating - We all love to swing through the drive through and get a quick bite to eat, however if you can't be cleanlier about it i think the drive through is not the best option ask the driver to park up while you head inside to eat. Nothing worse than finding old sesame seeds and rusty brown french fries under your seat after your boy decided that he couldn't fit 23 fries in his mouth at one time. If you know you have trouble keeping your shirt clean while sitting down at the table, what makes you think you will do any better while in motion

2) D.N.T - If # 1 wasn't so important this could easily be the most important thing. As I mentioned earlier Do Not Touch unless given permission, Never change the station, AC settings, Window length, adjust seats or anything unless given permission.

1) Contribution - Now I'm a firm believer in helping people but at the same time I also believe in the barter system. I scratch your back, Please scratch mine. Now I don't mind giving people lifts but please don't think I'm about to transform into Benson driving you around time without any duckets on the petroleum. Don't think "oh J.OS my man he doesn't need any gas" , Let me decline your offer don't decline my offer for me. Nothing worse than a person trying to guess what your judgements are going to be. Although gas prices have dropped severely I didn't put 30 in my tank to accompany you and your agenda all day. So if you are a person who likes to ride around for "free" please offer the driver some gas money next time.

Now driving is always a luxury , however sometimes it can be a curse as well due to the factors I just listed, if you follow those 5 simples rules, watch your chances of getting a ride increase and see how much more happy the driver is an accompanying you around.


She's Gotta Have It said...

Numbers 4, 3, and 2 are important but number 1 is VERY crucial. I don't mind helping people out, especially if I'm the only one with a ride, but having me driving around this city without you contributing in some way is not cool. Gas money is always great, but it doesn't always have to be that. I'll happily accept lunch on you or even a drink..SOMETHING!

Kita Katt Monroe said...

If this aint the truth!!!! i must handcuff this!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Amen to this!!!

Lique said...

Preaching,people don't have any kind of manners these days.Treating cars like their own whip.NOT the business,same etiquette goes for homes.I JUST wrote a blog about that a few minutes ago.People need lessons,freal.

Kofi Bofah said...

Don't touch the radio.

And don't be there blabbing when I am in tight, city traffic.

And you forgot about when you are trying to make a right turn and the passenger leans forward and you can't even see anything behind their nosy head.

They steady looking - like they are the one's driving and about to cause an accident!

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate these type of people

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more. especially about the door-to-door service. i wasn't allowed that much input when i was riding in a car.....

ChoColAte KiSs said...

Forget tryna increase ur chances of getting a about they work on increasing that papa to get they own ride..shoot Amen to that

Sweet.Anger.Angel said...

i am AMAZED at how in tune you are...
that's my fcukin PET PEEVE...
ungrateful ass PASSENGERS.
the ones who don't like my song selection: "why you got all these WHITE people on your IPOD or all this gangsta rap at midnight?"...can we say ANNOYED.
(i'm goin off on the post, sry :)
i can't begin to speak about how mayn times i pay $20 at the car wash, inside & out and the 1st person to get into my CAR FCUKS UP SIMULTANEOUSLY. thx passenger, lol!
assuming one doesnt need gas is kind of double-edged sword for me cuz i find myself reflecting on my times as a PASSENGER AND REALIZE THAT I DIDN'T OFFER AS MUCH I SHOULD HAVE so now i'm SUPER ANNOYED when ppl dont do it...
#1 PET PEEVES (YES PLURAL) ARE THE CHANGING MY STATION audacity & leaving your empty soda cans & water bottles in my car in inconspicous places...NASTY

em'z said...

damn i cant roll the window down... lol i understand the rest but the window...

JOFre$h said...

She: 1 is very important esp with the recession and everything

Kita : Thanks for the support mama

Stef: LOL @ amen

Lique: I need to check urs out to see whats going on

Kofi: I once heard as a little kid never touch a blackmans radio

henz: you have good etiquette

Tara: I'm glad you feeling it

Chocolate: you are so righttttttt, people need to focus more on getting their own.

Sweet: that was an insightful reply and I def dig where you coming from, I'm glad we see eye to eye on a lot.

emz: I have my windows set to how i like them lol

chanel said...

lol. this really made me laugh and agree at the same time. it's soooo true. i hate that door-to-door service mess, like you could walk from the corner. smh. andddd, be considerate and at least put up some money, sheeeeeeit.
i can't lie tho, i do ask ppl to turn down the radio. lol.

Adwoa said...


I have avoided giving people rides because of these things!

The killer part is the 3hrs+ rides...I hate when the passenger falls!!

"You better wake up b4 I drop you off in the middle of nowhere!"