Sunday, March 1, 2009

Young Gordon Parks?

No where close. Well I'm not sure many of you know this but I've always had a thing for photography. Not so a knack for taking the pictures, rather just being in awe and staring at photos for hours and hours. I've been around photography since an early age, because my uncle Lonnie was a Sports photographer and always would bring back prints of his work from the days of shooting people like Bo Jackson, Ron Harper, Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders the list goes on and on. However my mother not really what you would call a photographer per say took a lot of pictures and always stored them in Photo albums so as I kid I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of family members and friends and just visualizing what that time frame was like and what was going on in those pictures.

Well in October 2007 I was fortunate enough to go with my uncle on a trip to shoot
Lebron James and Serena Williams for articles of his companies Magazine(Black Enterprise). Being on the set I didn't realize how serious taking pictures was and how little time you have to get perfection executed. During those 4 days I realized I loved taking pictures myself and I would eventually take a shot at it. Although him and I don't get along, I respect his craft and Hope that maybe someday I can be nice like him with a camera.

I purchased my first "Real" digital Camera Last week nothing special A Canon
Power shot to get me started and hopefully once I master this, I will move on to an SLR Canon Rebel perhaps well here are a few of my shots and hopefully you guys like. REMINDER I AM A ROOKIE .Also check out my boy Tommie's work


Lyrik Marie said...


Miss.Stefanie said...

Great picture J.O!

Teems said...

since its in your blood and in your heart, I think you will pick it up quickly! Don't know much about photography but looking forward to your development.

"thru my lens" said...

:rejoices: up and running I seeeee. Love the first shot.

I actually started my photoblogggg..

kmx. said...

Yeah, I'm like you in the growing up around it aspect. My mom has been taking pictures for as long as I can remember! & I even had my own lil one. But anyway, good luck with the photography my dude! You should make a flickr account.

JOFre$h said...

LyriK: I'm honestly over here cracking up because last time I was looking at your page she walked in and said"If's that my friends little sister that would be funny" I looked at her like this pregnancy is really affecting her brain. Sure enough that is her though, as for the world being so small, I definitely have a blog coming on that.

Stef: Thank you so much

Teems: I hope so, Trust I will keep the new pics coming and such, thanks for the support.

Lens: I'm still hopefull I can become your assistant to soak up all the knowledge.

Kmx: Thanks I hope I can get nice at this. I def made a flickr the other day lol

Miss.Fortune said...

man i love photography!
im tellin u can ONLY get better..
im sure u will perfect ur craft if thats such a word but its like a different world to just see ur work..and ppl love it...
by the way that train pic. took me wanna get away

Lyrik Marie said...

Lol @ J.O .. Tht shit is crazy .. She came to my house not too long ago .. She told me she was pregnant .. I was like .. 'Why .. OMG a baby is too much responsibility .. U cant go out and party .. U cant even wipe your ass anymore b'cuz the baby might be in the next room and roll over or sumthin ' .. she said she was ready .. Lo is good pplsz .. OMG .. I kno ur baby moms .. AHA !! this is too fucking funny meng .. Tell her I said HELLER HELLER .. Who woulda thought .. one of my most favorite blogger's babys mother is best friends with my sister .. AHAHA .. Sound like some maury shit .. lol .. Good luck 2 you guys J .. Lo is good peoples =] ..

Lyrik Marie said...

Oh && u guys should name him Lyric if its a boy .. and Lyrik if its a girl .. AHA !!

Kofi Bofah said...

I am still rocking the camera phone.

Good luck with your photography.

JOFre$h said...

Miss fortune: I appreciate it, Imma take some shot of the subways in harlem you will be in shock for a good and bad way.

Lyrik: Lol Im still laughing at how small the world is

Kofi : We gotta get you a camera man.

Laur said...

mMm photography.

i like the one of the dudde in the blue when hes all by himself.

i dont really know why.