Friday, March 20, 2009

Day's of our lives

Blogging has become a modern day Reality Soap opera and Personally I love it. Life has so many twist and turns ups and downs and it's hard to grasp the reels of every situation, however blogs have allowed us young and old a voice, a chance to rant, appreciate, depict, joke, socialize, broaden and most of all be free with whatever it is we choose to write about. I come to blog spot everyday almost like it DEC 24 @ 11:00pm and your parents told you, you can open your presents at 12. I'm anxious to see every one's ideas, creativity, honestly that how I'm able to write the majority of my blogs from reading others and then an idea will pop in my head and I will write about it.

Before the blog spot I had a journal in which I lost, so I'm wondering if somebody ever found it and read all my thoughts, dreams, fantasies, hatreds etc. With the blog I feel like I've been very open and pretty much not held too much back. Truthfully Although I don't vent too much about issues that bother me, I consider this as a hobby which pretty much keeps me occupied and allows me to feel somewhat like an artist with my word. There's no greater feeling than reading the comments and someone says they love your blog, you made their day or just good/bad criticism, I love it all. No greater feeling that posting a new blog you put energy into and seeing people comment and chime in on it. Means the world to me.

Although I don't have the best blog in the world, nor am I the most popper blogger each and every comment, page view means the world to me. I will try to keep the blog up and running as long as possible, so to each follower, commenter, viewer, hater, Thanks so much you guys/gal keep me sane.


J.MuZik said...

mos def on the blogspot tip! i know how you feel about those written journals, i swear i was losing them left and right. you do what you can do and you write your story and that the beat! but keep writing your thoughts never turn their back on you...people will.

Dani Gurl said...

yup..its kind of a win/win situation. you write how you feel...people respond...and most likely you'll never lose it.

ChoColAte KiSs said...

your welcome honey...
My blog is for me except i speak to you..
thats just how i feel..
keep it up

Miss.Stefanie said...


Luvvie said...

I read always and only comment a few times. But I read. So keep writing :-D

JOFre$h said...

J : Words will never turn on you you are so right

Dani : I agree

Chocolate : I love your blog

Stef: Ur blog > mine

Luvie : thanks luvie

Lyrik Marie said...

Lyrik's an Avid JD0t follower !!

Anonymous said...

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